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Kriya is truly the greatest way to approach the Infinite...

Imram is a Master of Kriya and conveys the knowledge of Kriya yoga by sharing his personal
Experience of enlightenment.
He is a Siddhi yogi (सिद्धि in Sankskit, meaning "fully completed
, liberated in life"), a Mystic
altering reality, as well as
a composer,
musician and multi-instrumentalist.
Imram is a Master of Kriya and conveys the knowledge of Kriya yoga by sharing his personal
Experience of enlightenment. He is a
Siddhi yogi, a Mystic altering reality,
as well as a composer, musician
and multi-instrumentalist.

About Master

The beginning of the journey. Childhood. Youth.

Imram was born in the Caucasus to a family of teachers. At the age of two, Imram began to take an active interest in music. He intuitively learned to play various musical instruments.

In addition to creative pursuits, Imram was also interested in science. As a child, he spent hours conducting chemical experiments with test tubes and reagents, and showed some extraordinary abilities.

The most important milestones in Imram’s life were the study of Taoism, Hinduism, the Western concept of magicism (Theurgy), and an interest in martial arts (the mystical practice of body alchemy).


Once Imram realised the unity of all religions and denominations, he embarked on the Path of the Holy Science – Kriya, while maintaining respect for all faiths.. on the Path of the Transformation of Consciousness through yoga of the High Path!

Imram had visited various sacred sites back in his youth. He later spent a lot of time in the Indian Himalayas, performing sadhana (Sanskrit: Sādhanā, साधना, meaning “spiritual yoga practice”) and long periods in asceticism, as well as studying Sanskrit and the Vedas with their laws.

Imram met with representatives of different faiths while on his journey. He communicated directly with Himalayan sages, enlightened Masters, the avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Mahavatar Babaji (the teacher of Lahiri Mahasaya), from whom he received initiation into the Holy Science of Kriya, as well as with Babaji’s immortal disciple in the forests of Jaipur (he was 1,900 years old at the time of the meeting), with Karmapa Buddha XVII, His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV, who gave him several initiations.

In 2008, Imram formed a Guru Sankalpa (a contract of spiritual cooperation with another master) with the famous Himalayan yogi Somnath Giri Maharaj Pilot Babaji (known as Pilot Baba).

There is evidence that Imram is the incarnation of a Tibetan lama, carrying within him the experience of Himalayan mystics of Tibetan Buddhism.

Master Imram keeps in touch with people who are recognized as saints in their denominations: the Christian ascetic and Odessa elder, Schema-Archimandrite Jonah (now deceased), the representative of Islam Mahmood Baba, and some other masters liberated during their lifetime.

“Teachers who came to help on the spiritual path have always been a great help to me, and they also helped invisibly, in their bodies of light… showing me so much and revealing the Essence of things.

By blessing me, Avatar Shri Sathya Sai Baba helped in the evolution of consciousness (Soul), helped me to remember so much (my Essence, Atman) and Personally led the spiritual practice in the world, by being invisibly omnipresent…

Spiritual discipline or ascesis is the most important part of spiritual practice, and allows you to be closer to your Satguru Master, the Higher Self. States of deep mediation and Samadhi occurred spontaneously. Later, these spontaneous states were transformed into conscious practice and achievement of deep, high states, beyond the conventional world…

From the very beginning, I prayed to Babaji for His grace, the tranfer of the Holy Science of Kriya yoga. I prayed day and night for many years, thinking of only One thing, that the immortal Himalayan saint Babaji initiated me for my own realisation and to help the world, since the main goal is to Serve the Highest in the world. I received this Initiation thanks to His grace. I have been practising the Holy Science of Kriya yoga since 2002 as a Kriya initiate.”

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Initiation into the Holy Science of Kriya

Mahavatar Babaji materialized His immortal body and gave Imram the holy blessing (initiation, admission) into Kriya in 2002, when Imram was in asceticism in the Caucasus Mountains.

In 2003, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave Imram the Shaktipat, and later blessed him to work in the world.

Since 2004 and to this day, Imram has initiated tens of thousands of people into the Holy Science of Kriya.

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Meeting Babaji

“For many years, I practiced sadhana, the spiritual practice. It was very severe ascesis and they were very difficult practices, pranayamas and complex yoga techniques. I always felt that I was missing something important. I could do a lot but felt no tranquility of the Soul.

I prayed day and night that I would have the opportunity in this life to be initiated into the super technique of Kriya Babaji. Because I knew that this was the system I could remember from past incarnations, and I needed to go all the way to the end, achieving complete liberation during my lifetime, in order to help the world…”

“To be in the world, but not of the world”(Ascended Master Jesus).

In 2002, my companion and I went to the Caucasus Mountains. It was winter, February, and we were practising in ascesis there, in the gorge, under rather harsh conditions. Food was running out and there was only a small amount left. We were doing special pranayamas and we had a little book called 18 Siddha Kriya yoga Tradition, written by Marshall Govindan.

We are grateful to him, and to everyone who writes spiritual books and thus inspires people, illuminating the way with their service and helping the world. Back then, it was good inspiration for many people.

My companion was reading the book that morning, when I returned from my morning practice. Without expecting anything, and without any thoughts, I sat down beside a small stove to warm my body, because it was quite cold. We were surrounded by snow, the mountains, forest, gorge and a small hut.

When I relaxed, a space opened up on the north side of the wall and Sri Aurobindo materialised. Aurobindo Swami Ghosh is a very high Soul, he is considered an Avatar in India, a high Spirit. Swami Aurobindo is a disciple of Babaji and He wrote a work called Integral Yoga. In that moment, I was a little bewildered, amazed and very much delighted, all at once. I began to think: why did he come, why, why — this was the work of a mind that was incredibly excited and intrigued. But since I was in a deep state of relaxation after the pranayama, I didn’t allow myself to think too intensely.

Meanwhile, Aurobindo was looking at me with a living face, it was not an image, it was not a picture, it was a bust — a living face from a parallel dimension, who had emerged and came towards me. I thought that since he has come, it means that something very important is about to happen. At that point, he told me, “Stop thinking and wait,” so I switched off my brain and just sat there. Then he disappeared.

The air suddenly split apart and completely opened up, there was a flash of Light, like a funnel from another dimension. The One whom my Soul so longed to see appeared before me, the One to whom my whole being called out to… The eternal Yogi, the Holy of Holies, the immortal Babaji! He appeared in the air right in front of me, quickly but in such a way as I could understand how it was happening. It is very difficult to describe, it was an energy that arose right then. His glowing smile filled me with true Joy. He was covered in vibhuti, a garland of flowers, and raised his hand (abhi mudra) to bless me.

He came in response to my prayers for help. He blessed me in Kriya and in this life…
It is difficult for me to describe what I felt in that moment, it is hard to talk about. It was as if the whole universe fit inside me in that moment and I became one with Him…

I gathered myself and threw myself at His feet with a great desire to leave with Him. But He left me in this world and disappeared. He disappeared faster than I could follow him into another dimension, for I wanted to leave with Him. But it must not have been the right time, for the space closed.

I was in a special state for a while, and my heart felt like it would burst from complex feelings. It was hard to bear. For at least 3 or 4 hours, I was in a state of altered consciousness, I was going through a spiritual experience. It is indescribable and unforgettable. It is divine.

After that, Babaji came to me twice, one of those times in a female body. It was a unique meeting, He let me know that it was Him. At first, I did not recognise Him, yet I sensed that this was no ordinary person. It was hard to simply call Him a woman or a man. When we met, I understood clearly and undoubtedly that this was Babaji, it was Him. He and I talked, He told me what I should do and then left the room where we met. When He left, He closed the door behind him and disappeared…

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The foundation of Spiritual practice

Imram’s philosophy and spiritual practices are based on personal experience and a deep understanding of the principle of Unity of all things. Everything in the world is interconnected and there is One who Unites the entire manifested universe…

In this world, we can understand this through the penetrating power of consciousness and the openness of the Spiritual Heart. In familiar terms, this Universe is intricately connected with human beings, their psychology and the “body temple”, according to Imram. Initially, our entire reality is a psychophysical transformation of Light and Sound that creates the world. Thus is the world born.


Imram often points out that he is not a religious, but a deeply spiritual person. He is not a member of any religious denomination or cult.

He speaks about the Cosmic Law of the Universe, the principle of nonduality, and he defines his life by the greatestmanifestation of wisdom, the words of Sathya Sai Baba: “Love is the only religion. There is only one language, and that is the language of the heart. There is only one race, and that is humanity. There is only one God, and he is Omnipresent.”

Many years of spiritual practice have advanced Imram’s mind, strengthened his energy structures, and awakened the siddhi (सिद्धि in Sanskrit, in this case, means “supernatural powers, the ability to work miracles”), and have also allowed him to become a conductor of high and powerful energies, helping to transmit unique personal experiences along with high moral qualities.

Imram recognises the unity of all religions, and has great respect for the various faiths, but is not affiliated with any of them. He has chosen the scientific method of Kriya yoga as a practical guide to his life, which takes the human consciousness beyond traditional perception. To where the laws of physics become metaphysical. In fact, this method very accurately interprets some areas of quantum physics, which provides an understanding of laws beyond the conventional, and gradually prepares the mind to accept higher realities.

“To be in the world, but not of the world” is how he defines a person’s presence on Earth. Thanks to the personal experience accumulated over years of spiritual study, Imram manages to successfully apply the knowledge in practice, expressing and, most importantly, using the principles of unconditional love and compassion in life. Imram finds inspiration in bringing universal values, the foundation of spiritual and creative progress, to the world, over and over again.

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A happy person is one who
is in the "here and
and who has a direct connection with
their Higher Self

Direct Transfer Method

Imram represents the Kriya yoga tradition that was first imparted by the immortal Himalayan saint Mahavatar Babaji (Lahiri Mahasaya’s teacher) and passed down through several lines of teachers.

Babaji initiated (admitted) Imram into Kriya in 2002, and since 2003, with the blessing of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Imram himself has initiated tens of thousands of people.

Aware of the unique times we live in and the need to share the Science of Kriya, Master Imram initiates into Kriya through direct trasfer, relaying a unique method that is accessible to all age groups and does not require special physical or psychological training.

His yoga formula is: Knowledge + Spiritual Practice = Wisdom of Cosmic Consciousness.


Currently, Master Imram initiates people into Kriya all over the world. He conducts open two-day Seminars.

At Master Imram’s seminars, participants study the special secret techniques, including breathing and meditation practice, in a comfortable and accessible way, with all Kriya techniques explained from the point of view of science, psychology and spirituality.

Once they have obtained the necessary knowledge and understand the essence of the demonstrated techniques, the Seminar participants can practise the Science of Kriya independently, moving along the path of creative and spiritual self-realisation.

People who have attended the Imram Kriya Seminar have an opportunity to attend large and small Retreats, which are held, on average, three to four times a year.
Knowledge + Personal Experience = Liberation.

The principles of transformation of cellular consciousness to achieve immortality are a particular focus of study… The focus of attention is the Vessel of Transcendental Power (the brain, medulla oblongata and spinal cord), which is the gateway to the Cosmic Consciousness.

Truly, Kriya is the greatest way of approaching the Infinite…

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If youth knew, if age could.

With this well-known phrase, I begin our journey into a world that has remained invisible for many lifetimes.

The very concept of responsibility in our lives is considered only from a social perspective. However, the world you see and feel is not limited to the material and social planes. There is something that creates this life, fully permeating the entire space of existence. From this original source comes a constant, timeless and boundless flow of light, wisdom and love for all creation.

Existing to serve, showing the highest care for everything, this original source is absolutely self-aware and is responsible for the entirety of creation, in which He Himself resides… He is One, manifested in many ways!

Responsibility! What do we think of when we hear this term? To what and to whom? One needs to comprehend this concept first. From the point of view of an ordinary person, it is a duty, it means caring for someone. Yet that isn’t all! It’s what people have heard, it’s what they have been taught.

We must radically change our approach to life and to ourselves! In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. You all know this from the Bible, and those who do not know should find out – this is important for a happy life.

What was the word? It is the great syllable AUM, OAOUM, OUM or OM, as well as Amen or Oumen – the power that creates the world, in which God is fully manifested within Himself and is expressed as we all are.

Many thousands of years ago, other races existed on this planet and lived in complete harmony with each other and with nature, worshipping the One God. They formed the supreme knowledge of our spiritual and material universe into an elegant system of being, bearing the responsibility for passing the supreme through themselves without distortion. This knowledge is the Vedas – the eternal, unchangeable law of the universe, Sanatana Dharma, the law of righteousness, eternal religion, love and wisdom.

In the modern world, people, and society in general, are losing this understanding, replacing it with other concepts to please the individual creating their own world, accompanied by suffering. Why? The root “ved” is replaced by “vet”, meaning short-lived, earthly instead of heavenly, something that turns to dust…

The lack of understanding, on top of a lack of true knowledge, plunges society into a world of illusions, where people have to obtain their happiness at the expense of others. Drowning in a world of duality, forgetting the principle of unity, of one in everything, in everyone, people create great chaos in the consciousness of the universe and in their own consciousness, and therefore in life.

The Vedas are not a religion, but the perfect, spiritually manifested law of God and the Universe, expressed as the five Vedic pearls.

1. Satya (from Sanskrit) is truth, i.e., God himself, who resides in everyone.
2. Dharma is righteousness (duty of the spirit and soul).
3. Prema is unconditional love for everything.
4. Shanti is peace and calm (unbreakable and enduring).
5. Ahimsa is nonviolence (neither in thought nor in deed).

Together, this is the foundation of our universe and our lives.
This is what has been embedded from Above in the image and likeness of each person… Despite the madness of the modern world, it preserves us and shines with the light of truth and wisdom.

It is every person’s responsibility to understand this, to study and gain personal experience, which will allows us to turn our Land, desolate due to faint-heartedness, into a Paradise, right here, within our lives.

Every person wants to be happy, and this happiness is the truth within us, manifested as true knowledge about ourselves, the universe and God!

It is taught by the ancient, philosophical and practical worldview of  yoga, and especially its highest manifestation, Kriya yoga, which allows us to walk the path of the evolution of consciousness and soul, and gain a Cosmic Conscience. A journey taking millions of years, in one lifetime or even a few years!

Everyone who comes to this sacred Earth has a responsibility to themselves, their loved ones, the world and the universe – to God!

Everyone is responsible for how they think! Thought shapes our existence, thought creates our karma and everything you dislike.

“You reap what you sow.” One who thinks of murder, but does not commit murder, is guilty! Do you realise how serious this is?

— Think only good thoughts, learn to see only the good in everything. Let this become a good habit and, before long, you will see your life change for the better.

— Watch only the good!

— Listen to only the good!

— Say only good things and you will see beauty illuminating everything with its splendour!

What you have today is what you created earlier. Your power is thought plus intention, and hence the result. Remember – we are what we think! We are what we eat, what we breathe.

Living according to the law of the universe and God, and with a devout attitude, people can transform their consciousness and the whole world, bringing closer the Golden Age, the age of wisdom and happiness for all!

May all the worlds be happy! OM!

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The Master's message

My dear Incarnations of Divine Love!

In this incredible time, when the Light of Truth shines so brightly in everyone and everywhere. We, the creators of creation, have the greatest opportunity to be God’s Colleagues, His pure instruments for His presence here.

For He is within you! We live through Him… but the Conscious perception of this is always a new joy! You cannot change that. Everything happens according to God’s Will and none can stop the process of transformation. Remember that the Great Power of God comes from His Love – and is actually Him!


Do not cloud His presence in us and His highest work through us by letting the mind wander, with its doubts and fears about the future… The Future is Beautiful… It is beautiful in the present!

God creates every moment and you can be sure that He creates out of Himself and creates out of Love for everything – for Himself. How can this be scary? It is beautiful and amazing… understand that this is the Greatness of your Soul.

It is no secret that we are a little stuck in our attachment to this illusory world, trying to hold on to what limits us… dust that looks like gold. We are not limited to this!

The soul that becomes a human is free from the beginning, and it is the Greatest gift to us from Bhagavan or the Blessed! So let us accept it as a Given, accept Him! Let in the One who takes care of us every fraction of a second, every moment. And you will see the Gift that He has prepared for all of us, without exception.

Man is Holy, for he is the Creator, and the Creator is the Light within him, and the Light is in everyone. Both inside and everywhere. This is Purity, this is Sanctuary… Do not let this Holiness to be clouded by a stupid mind, in which ignorance resides as fears and doubts, the darkness of delusions and addictions…

Don’t belittle the Creator inside! “Be in the world, but not of the world.” Remember that you are the incarnations of divine Love, the beloved children of the Creator! Look for Him within yourselves, in your Heart, and learn to see Him in the hearts of all others who haven’t lost the Light of Mind and Spirit!

Be the true creators in this world and remember your direct connection, your Essence…

In goodness to all, Avadhut Imram Giri (year 321 of Dvapara Yuga)

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