Master Imram in Kazakhstan!

Live Lecture-practice ‘Kriya: the perfect method. Keys to self-realisation’.

Discover the unique Kriya method and practise a short meditation with Master Imram!

“Your mind is almost awakened, but you do not know how to deal with it, where to focus its energy. When we set our life goals, we need certain knowledge to achieve them. Imagine that this knowledge is a boat you sail to reach your target goal. But before you put out to sea, it’s crucial to know your sailing destination and learn to deal with undercurrents and pitfalls. It’s very important to understand what we are doing.”

Master Imram


From this lecture you’ll learn:

  • Techniques that activate your brain and neurons
  • How to energise your body
  •  The advantages of Kriya method
  • Why you need to know the purpose of your practice and how to define it
  • How to balance your practice and social life
  • The way to improve your life and change your destiny

Master Imram will guide you through Kriya method to energise your body, and you’ll learn how this technique works.

Lecture by Imram


Master’s lecture is more than just information sharing. Meeting Imram is about imparting experience, personal insight and inspirational power.

Every meeting brings important understanding and gives impetus to the right action. We learn to apply knowledge we need for development in our everyday life. The feelings we carry away in our hearts after meeting Master alter us and give us power to change ourselves from within.

“I have done an extensive research and accumulated a vast personal experience in this field. I researched the very concept of yoga and original Taoist practices, and finally I was initiated in Kriya. I find this method the most effective in every way. According to ancient texts, Kriya is the jewel in the crown for all spiritual practices, this is the Highest stage of raja yoga.” 

Master Imram

Imram is a unique person who combines the qualities of a Yogi Master, a musician, a composer and a Mystic who alters reality.

  • For over 20 years he has been sharing the knowledge of Kriya Yoga, travelling around the world and bringing people from different countries together. Imram shares his personal experience and unique self-development techniques during Seminars, Retreats and lectures, attended by people of all ages and families with children.
  • He inspires us with his experience and wise advice during live events and online webinars, helping millions of people to find the purpose of life, joy and harmony.
  • After many years of spiritual and bodily practices guided by Supreme Gurus, Imram achieved self-realisation connecting with his Higher Self and learning the Truth that lies within, which is known as Nirvikalpa Samadhi in yoga.
  • Master Imram demonstrates by his own example how to successfully develop, by balancing family life and deep practices, serving in the world and helping others to develop.

Date and place

October 13, 2022
7:00 PM local time
Saryarka Avenue 4, Astana, Kazakhstan
Radisson Hotel Astana
Duration: 2 hours
25 000 tenge
Cash payment at the entrance.


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