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Imram introduces the tradition of Kriya Yoga science, which is an advanced technique of spiritual development.

The Master has reached the highest states of consciousness. Today he is sharing his experience and knowledge in their original, undefaced form.

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Kriya Yoga – is a sacred science which was practiced by all the ancient Yogi-Siddhas and saints, who attained Self-realization. This knowledge stayed hidden from people for a long time, until Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj – the deathless Himalayan saint – brought it back to the world in 1862.

The science of Kriya – is conscious work with special centers, located in the zones of forehead, nape, and throughout the length of the spine. 

The method of Kriya is unique because it is intelligible and easily understood from the first days of practicing. It applies both to unexperienced beginners and to advanced practitioners.

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Master Imram creates his musical compositions in a special, sacred way. Their vibrations and the idea itself come from the Supreme planes, awakening Spiritual power in the audience listening, releasing huge layers of inner energy that contributes to Self-Realization.

It's hard to describe in words, you need to feel it!

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