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What is Satsang

The word Satsang comprises two Sanskrit words: ‘Sat’ – truth and ‘Sang’ – communication or gathering.Satsang is a society of those with pure consciousness, gathering for the sake of the High.

Satsang is a great opportunity to meet, discuss, and talk, since a lot of questions arise during the of practice. Here you can work them out.


Whether on the physical plane or in social life, Satsangs allow you to learn something, to experience something. The Master undertakes subtle work on all the planes when the audience gathers.

If they are advanced, the Master always offers more, lifting the veil and leading them out of their delusions, because there is work going on at the level of the intellect, the consciousness. If the Master is advanced, work is also going on at the level of Bioenergetic Consciousness. For everything is consciousness, everything is information and energy.

Satsang is a great opportunity to not only gain knowledge and food for reflection, but also to come into contact with the Master's energies and radiance and gain a part of His Experience…

Master Imram

  • The Kriya Master who has achieved Unity
  • Initiates Kriya transcendence
  • Being in the world — He is not of this world…
  • A composer who changes space through Sound.

Thanks to many years of sadhana practice, Imram has achieved Realisation, i.e. Unity with the Higher Self, which is considered to be Nirvikalpa Samadhi in yoga.

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