Spreading the knowledge

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By purchasing Imram Kriya materials and recordings, you are directly involved in spreading real Knowledge, helping yourself and your loved ones, harmonising our space and raising the vibrations of the entire Planet.

All funds received are used for development and distribution of knowledge. We are developing in many areas, including:

  • YouTube channels (Russian, English, Imram music)
  • Conducting free online webinars, satsangs and meditations
  • Broadcasting free online concerts
  • Advertising on social media
  • Filming on location

Thanks to your support, hundreds of thousands of people get the opportunity to walk the path of spiritual development and learn about Kriya.

Many people have already changed their lives for the better, eliminated of bad habits, harmonised family relations, and became kinder and more tolerant of their relatives and friends. Many have discovered new talents and the unlimited creative potential that exists inside each of us.

You can also make a gift to your friends, family and loved ones, or just give others the opportunity to view the materials.

Thank you for your participation and support!

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Package No. 1:
Package contents:

'Meditation as it is' Webinar

Cost and Quantity
800 roubles

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Package No. 2:
Package contents:

'Meditation is Easy' Lecture
'The Importance of Spiritual Practice
in This Era' Webinar

Cost and Quantity
1 500 roubles

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Package No. 3:
Package contents:

'The Power of Thought and Intention' Lecture
'How To Find Your Spiritual Path and Acquire Peace of Mind?' Webinar
'Alchemy of the Body' Lecture
'Kriya – The Perfect Method, Keys to Self-Realisation' Lecture

Cost and Quantity
5 000 roubles

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Package No. 4:
Package contents:

Immersion into Kriya – a set
of 12 webinars and lectures

Cost and Quantity
18 000 roubles

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