Body energisation

Self-conscious force

Kriya yoga practice includes the concept of “body energisation”. It is not simply pumping yourself full of energy. We are this energy already when we appear in space, and it has great potential, but it cannot be manifested, because it does not contain a self-conscious force.

It is very important that you understand this. There is Energy of the Spirit, the original creative Force that creates worlds, creates universes… It is Transcendental. It is the flow of divine Love that gives life to everything that is manifested, everything that we see and feel… It is also Prana, a more material force that contains all the qualities of the Higher.

The prana life force

Prana is five types of energy, the five forces of the universe, the five elements, and all of them are inside us… Prana became the body… prana, the energy that forms the body, is gathered inside us.


But prana, the life force from which all other forms arise, is not self-aware, therefore, our body cells are also not aware of their higher nature.

Prana actually carries knowledge about the Creator, about the Universe, but this energy is asleep. The energy of the Spirit always manifests as self-conscious energy.

Our atoms, our neurons, our molecules and our cells need to be more aware of themselves than they are now.

Accelerated Brain evolution

The human spine, which contains the spinal cord, develops during energisation practice, and thus becomes a conscious thinking substance, similar to the brain.

A person who practises Kriya yoga evolves very quickly. This occurs through unlocking the qualities of the brain, medulla oblongata and spinal cord. We take a closer look at these processes at the Seminar. See Kriya Seminar

Each one of us has the opportunity to reach quite a high level in one lifetime. With intensive practice, if you practise regularly, you can achieve great heights and come to Realisation within one lifetime… To reach the Cosmic Consciousness!

Body energisation

When the central nervous system is connected to the periphery, we feel our body parts well. We feel them not for the sake of feeling the trunk, arms or legs, but, by applying special energisation techniques, we transform this energy into high quality.

By energising (magnetising) the body, we direct our attention to certain areas, with the goal of transforming them at the atomic level. Thus, our atoms gradually and then quickly become self-aware and awaken from sleep. This is the quantum shift or jump.


Yoga allows you to stop all the changes occuring in the body. Changes are a variety of energy (life force) losses.

We need to clear the mind, awaken the neural connections and open the nerve endings to have good conductivity in the body and to allow this energy to interact with us again and again, but Consciously this time!

This energy, the spatial force, the greatest power of the Spirit, is shakti energy, where the Creator Himself is present as a Universal Force. We have the opportunity to awaken this absolute creative Force for the Greater Good…

Transformation at the sellular level

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