An inspirational movie about finding your path and the power of a dream

Get inspired to change yourself and your life!
Get inspired to change yourself and your life!

Documentary about the Retreat

How to find true joy within yourself? How to live consciously? How to find your Path and stay on it?

The documentary ‘The Path to the Top’ is about ordinary people who have found a way to be happy and enjoy every day to the fullest. We have all come a long way in our evolution. Having realised your abilities and capabilities, the time has come to break through and begin your journey to the Top.

Mini Retreat in the Moscow Region

February 12–13, 2022 | Mytishchi
The Mini Retreat is a two-day getaway from the bustle of the city, with intensive practice guided by the Master.

Come and gain some inspiration! This weekend will enable you to discover yourself and your abilities.


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