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Meditation is the ability to go beyond the mind

Don't waste your time, be aware, seek only the good in your life, think
only about the good, and choose faith as the Path of Development.
Don't waste your time, be aware, seek
only the good in your life, think
only about the good, and choose faith
as the Path of Development.

Weekly Meditation

What Is Meditation

Meditation is a state beyond the mind, the personality and the ego. It is a state that allows us to get to know ourselves first, become friends with ourselves and reach higher levels of self-awareness.

Meditation is a state when you are very close to the Creator and the Supreme. But there is a distance between you and the Higher Self to which you aspire.

An analogy with fire can serve as an example. Meditation is when you are sitting around a fire, but you cannot get close to it because you are not yet ready. You savour the warmth and love of this divine radiance, you feel warm, happy and comfortable, you are close to it and have the opportunity to enjoy it.


Enjoying and rejoicing in it is meditation. Moreover, the Creator’s radiance constantly gives you what you so desperately need. In the case of fire, it is warmth, in the case of divinity, it is unconditional love, strength, wisdom, peace and everything that comes with it. It is magic, perfection… and it changes you.

Meditation is a state when you begin to master what your meditation is directed at. When your mastery becomes a more intense experience and you nourish yourself, when love grows bigger and bigger, and you are ready to dissolve in it, then appears the transcendental state of samadhi.

Meditation for Everyone

Your physical fitness is not important. The Kriya technique is accessible from the first days of practice, both to complete beginners and quite advanced practitioners.

How to Begin a Kriya Meditation

  1. We recommend wearing loose-fitting and light-coloured clothing before a meditation. Your clothing should be comfortable and loose, and not distract you during practice.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed. This can be Sukhasana, semi-lotus or lotus position, etc. If you find it difficult to sit with your legs crossed, you can sit on a chair, ottoman or soft pillow.
  3. It is important that your spine is straight, and that is enough to start meditating. The body is relaxed and the lower back is relaxed.
  4. Close your eyes, direct your gaze slightly upwards, and look through the centre of your forehead. Do not strain your eyes too much, you should be comfortable. If you grow tired, lower your eyes, relax and rest them for a bit, then return to the starting position (the eyes always gaze through the centre of the forehead during practice).
  5. Draw your tongue back, pressing it against the roof of your mouth. You should feel comfortable and able do this without much effort. Do not stress if your tongue gets tired, return it to the starting position, rest, and continue practising (the tongue should always be curled back during practice).
  6. Start meditating!
A 5-minute Kriya meditation with Master Imram

Master Imram

  • The Kriya Master who has achieved Unity
  • Initiates Kriya Transcendence
  • Being in the world — He is not of this world…
  • A composer who changes space through Sound.

Thanks to many years of sadhana practice, Imram has achieved Realisation, i.e. Unity with the Higher Self, which is considered to be Nirvikalpa Samadhi in yoga.

Weekly Online Meditation

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