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Kriya is a limitless existence beyond form.

Beyond time, beyond everything... and you are always self-aware in this eternity. This is the Ultimate Kriya...
Beyond time, beyond everything... and you are always self-aware in this eternity.
This is the Ultimate Kriya...

Divine cave

Going beyond the mind

The whole science of Kriya, the body energisation exercises, Kriya meditation, advanced techniques and the super technique are needed to immerse your consciousness in Divine cave so that the limitless can be revealed.

After a while, when you settle down and when your prana stops being so active and squandered out in the outside world, you will be able to go beyond the mind, the personality and the ego.


In an ordinary state, the prana life force is lost and a person gradually ages. Right now, as you are reading this text, try to immerse your consciousness in Divine cave by sensing your body.

If you watch a TV series or a movie, you feed that TV series. When you forget what you are watching, when you forget that it is a movie, you lose energy. But if you become aware of the process while being immersed in Divine cave, and focus your attention on what you are watching or doing, you will no longer lose energy so intensely.

Energy is where your attention is.

The Spinal Centres

Chakras are special centres, spinning clumps of energy on the astral plane. We unite all the chakras in Kriya practice, thus reducing the distance. When there is space between the centres, known as the void, there is duality.


By performing special Kriya techniques, we make all the centres unite into a single powerful energy potential, i. e. into Divine cave.

Your goal is to rise higher in consciousness, with your soul, up to the centre of the Will, the centre of pure Consciousness, the ajna chakra area. All the other chakras depend on this Centre.

Our chakras, which have qualities, superpowers and all that is embedded from Above, also need purification and evolution.

The feedback mechanism

If you cannot feel your body, you will find it even more difficult to feel the etheric and astral planes. Your spine is a place where amazing transformations happen, and after a while, you will begin to feel it more and more intensely.

The Science of Kriya allows your spine to be made into a conscious, thinking substance, similar to the brain. Eventually, your spine will become an extension of your brain.

When our neurons become very active, we gradually become aware of impulses transmitted from the brain to the periphery and back, through the feedback system see 42 Kriyas. The CSF or cerebrospinal fluid and the neuronal part of the spinal cord will become active, and Consciousness will awaken here!

Such a person can go beyond everything. You gain an additional source of strength that cannot be compared to anything else!

Magnetisation of the spine

In Kriya practice, we can switch off our five senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight through scientific concentration, which is directed to Divine cave.

Our power of concentration increases, while our breathing slows down or stops altogether. Energy is drawn away from the five senses and flows into the spine.

Your mind enters the spine and you reach the state of samadhi through the conscious deactivation of the five senses, powerful magnetisation of Divine cave, and by consciously drawing the energy back.

Thoughts disappear when the mind disappears.

This is an opportunity to go beyond the mind, the personality and the ego. It is no longer about getting rid of thoughts.

The unidirectionality of the mind

If we are talking about a serious yogic transformation, if we are talking about realising our Higher Self, we will definitely have to develop our power of concentration.

The power of concentration, dharana, is the power that will raise you up very high. You need to learn to go beyond your identity and ego through spiritual transformation, using the power of concentration.


Over time, the unidirectionality of the mind will become available to you, and when choosing an object to concentrate on, you will be, in fact, keeping your power of concentration on this object, comprehending this object, and dharana will turn into dhyana, into meditation.

The distance is shortened… and when you completely merge with this object, your 12 seconds of pure consciousness are multiplied by 12 and transform into meditation – 144 seconds of pure consciousness. When this is multiplied by 12, it becomes 28.8 minutes of pure samadhi, going beyond identity, ego and mind.

There is no question of what to do with your thoughts. There are no thoughts, there is nothing that ties you to the outside world… there is only the Self!

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Transcending the influence of time

As soon as you immerse your consciousness in Divine cave, time changes significantly, it seems to slow down or stop altogether. Time does not stop immediately, because your consciousness is still mobile.

When we practice Pran Karma, this cosmic technique, we slow down time, so a person does not age as rapidly from that moment on.

Samadhi is when time stops…

By practising the science of Kriya, by shortening the distance between the infinite, the limitless and the limited, by gradually sinking the consciousness into the spine, you can free yourself from the influence of time.

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