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You will learn what meditation is, proper body positions when meditating, what to wear for practice, and how to organize your personal space for meditation.

We will learn what meditation is for, what scientific concentration is in Kriya Yoga, how to enter meditation, and also what imitating a meditation means.

This section covers the deep philosophical aspects of meditation, where we learn about our true nature and why it is the practitioner’s personal experience that is important.

 This section is intended for both beginners and very advanced practitioners. For those who have just started to learn about the Science of Kriya and intend to meditate regularly. For 21 days, you will be able to meditate while being guided by the voice of Master Imram.

Every Saturday at 10.00 am Moscow time, we conduct a group online Kriya meditation. Participants from all over the world unite in a single field in the name of harmony, peace and solace on our planet.

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