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Advanced Kriya techniques

Six stages of self-realisation

When you come to a Kriya Seminar, you may be completely unprepared, not ready to sit and not ready internally. You attend to prepare and accelerate your evolution. Evolution accelerates many hundreds of thousands of times faster only thanks to this great and high teaching. Naturally, your body changes as well. It changes when you practise.

The Criterion of Truth is practice…

During the two-day Kriya Seminar, a person receives the six stages of self-realisation. The first three stages are associated with body energisation. These include standing energisation exercises (42 Kriyas), seated energisation, breathing meditation, sound meditation and light meditation.

Kriya techniques are universal, accessible to all age groups from the first days of practice, and do not require special training.

Advanced techniques

Advanced techniques: The advanced techniques of Maha mudra, Guru Pranam, Jyoti mudra, Prana Karma and Paravastha are conveyed by the Master only at the Kriya Seminar, during the Initiation. They are introduced gradually and step-by-step because this is a rather serious process.


In his book, The Essence of Kriya yoga, Paramahansa Yogananda writes that “the time of human development can be shortened by making the life force (the physical energy of Earth) spin in the spine and its six centres along an elliptical path, up from the base of the spine to the point between the eyebrows, and then down again from this point to the base of the spine, with the soul as the central sun.”

These advanced techniques gradually prepare a person for the super techniques, and the Kriya super technique is a single breath that takes 30 seconds of your time but is equivalent to one year of your evolution. Imagine what you can achieve in your spiritual development over twenty years. Yet it’s just ten minutes of practising the Kriya super technique. See Kriya super-technique

During the two-day Seminar, each person learns body energisation exercises, Kriya meditation and advanced techniques. At the end of the second day of the Seminar, Master Imram spends several hours conveying secret knowledge – the theory of Divine cave. See Divine cave

The prana life force

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