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42 Kriyas

42 energisation exercises

The 42 Kriyas or 42 energisation exercises is a great method, having learned to feel all parts of the body, of instantly sending energy to those parts. They are easily accessible, simple and straightforward actions.

Where there is energy, there is life… and where your attention is, there lies the divine power of prosperity…

Awakening the brain neurons

There are a lot of programs in our bodies that interfere with life. How to bring them up to the surface and transform them?

We have a feedforward and feedback system, a central nervous system, a peripheral nervous system, which all work together. The 42 energisation exercises work very effectively to build interhemispheric connections, awaken neural networks and stimulate the brain, which relies on the consciousness, and the consciousness is present in the brain.

By channelling energy to different parts of the body, we bring to the surface the negative programs embedded from birth, many years ago, and as scientists in our own “mind and body laboratory”, we can transform negative programs and gain positive experiences.


For example, when I tense my arm, I get an impulse-desire, but the idea comes first…

Then I implement this desire by tensing, yet this process is realised as the presence of the Highest Power. This Highest Power changes the energy in the form of an arm when I concentrate hard, and there is renewal and regeneration. We can quickly rid the body of disease because, when prana is a Consciously practised presence of the Highest Power, there is no disease.

Over time, this high degree of concentration on parts of the brain awakens additional power, allowing us to draw out or bring to the surface all that hinders us, and fill ourselves with Light, this power…

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Standing energisation

The 42 energisation exercises (standing energisation) are techniques that allow us to remain in a meditative state even while standing all day. While performing Kriya exercises with a focus on special areas, we learn to perform bends, rotations, and even run.

Any change in the body position is directly related to the work of the medulla oblongata, so these exercises quickly awaken the medulla oblongata.

In fact, any movement can be turned into conscious work with the brain to awaken the neural network and build interhemispheric connections, so that balance and harmony occur naturally.

Sitting energisation

During sitting Kriya practice, we enter an even deeper state in order to learn self-enquiry, to learn how to sink our mind deeper and deeper into the layers of our own nature and find ourselves within.

It is a path that takes time, but time is fleeting, and it is important to gain Experience for your own evolution. This practice provides excellent health, great strength and opportunities. You work in your own laboratory, and explore yourself as a real scientist.

This is the best thing anyone can do for themselves, this is the greatest work. Along the way, we experience a manifestation of what we call the “ever new joy”.

When you focus your attention on yourself, you understand Yourself

This is a universal approach that allows you to go very deep. Then comes a pause, when the mind is well under control, and when you can go deeper through the sitting energisation practice.

Your body calms down, you no longer perform any actions, but the very energisation of the body, the recharge, the opening of nerve endings, allow you to enter a deep state beyond the mind. After this comes a mental pause, when your mind calms down or disappears altogether, and the wisdom of the Cosmic Consciousness awakens…

Keys to self-realisation

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