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The Kriya Seminar is an initiation into the Science of Kriya yoga. Kriya is given in its original, unaltered form through direct transmission. This is an intensive practice that awakens the Knowledge, given to us from Above, from birth.

Retreats are an intensive group practice with Master. Retreats are necessary to assimilate the energy and accept the Knowledge that a person received during the first Initiation at the Seminar.

The lecture provides the first basic understanding of the science of Kriya. This is a great opportunity to not only gain knowledge and information, but also to come into contact with Master’s energies and receive part of his experience.

A unique opportunity to ask Master a question during a live broadcast. You will hear dozens of answers to the most difficult questions. During a webinar, Master offers the keys to self-realisation and shares his experience and wisdom.

Amazing transformations of consciousness occur at Imram’s concerts and online performances, thanks to the transcendent transfer of the Idea through sound and the presence of the Supreme. This is an opportunity to take a journey within yourself, where everyone can hear the sound of their True ‘I’.

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