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Imram Kriya 19 hours ago

How to overcome laziness? There is a lot of talk about procrastination these days. We often postpone things and tasks, and often it is something important—things that make us grow.

How do you get out of the “I can do nothing nor want to” state? Why do we become lazy and what is laziness?

In his new interview, Master will give advice on how to take action, where to find motivation and how to develop new habits.

Watch the video

You will find answers to the following questions:

  • Where does laziness come from, and why are people apt to postpone their tasks?
  • When one is determined to beat laziness, where do they find motivation?
  • How can a too active person calm their mind? How do you make a meditation practice proper and effective?
  • How can astrology help deal with laziness?
  • Can laziness be a defensive mechanism to guard us against overstrain?

Watch the video

Dear friends, are you familiar with the “I’ll do it later” state and how do you deal with it? Share your experiences and ask questions in the comments! We appreciate your opinion!

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Imram Kriya 20 hours ago

What should I do if I can’t visit the retreat? Dear friends! A mini-retreat in Spain starts tomorrow. It includes 2 days of intensive practices, evening Satsangs and communication with Master.

If you are unable to attend a mini-retreat, you have the option of transforming your solo practice into a retreat. All it takes is an expression of intention, attunement to deep work, and a weekend of observation and meditation.

✨You can inwardly attune with the mini-retreat group and with Master this weekend.

✨We also invite you to a joint Saturday online meditation (link) tomorrow at 10am NYT and GMT. Working together, within a single powerful field, we create the conditions for deep inner work and transformation.

We also remind you that meditation recordings are available on our Youtube channel. For your convenience, they are compiled into playlists:

We wish everyone a successful practice and joy, both in your inner retreat and in your daily life!

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Imram Kriya 2 days ago

🕉 IF THERE ARE NO CHILDREN. WHAT TO DO? “People who do not have their own children should seek children from an orphanage. And there have been a lot of cases where people without children have taken children from an orphanage and had children of their own. Because those children, taken from the orphanage, are Souls who could not incarnate through the body of that mother. Due to some circumstances, the programme and so on. They were given birth by another mother, but it is the very Soul who then goes to this mother who does not have a child of her own. But it is her child.”

Master Imram


Article “Why people don’t have children”

Article “Adopting children”

Playlist “Family. Love. Relationships”

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Imram Kriya 3 days ago

It’s such a magical moment of personal growth… Amazing coincidences led Ustinia to the Imram Kriya Mini-retreat.

“It wasn’t me that chose that I got here, it was this place, this event that chose me. And, thanks to Master, I was able to really understand how it works, what you need to do, what you need to pay special attention to in order to live a better life, both in terms of your soul and your body.

I’m sure that anyone, even very far from yoga, will feel good here in any case, because besides practices here we talk about soul, about energies, about the universe, about synchronicity. and it is spoken about in such a simple way, and yet it’s so important to life, and it’s such a magical moment of personal growth.”

🕉 Friends, if you are striving to understand yourself and the world, attain complete unity, we invite you to the upcoming mini-retreat in Spain.

To register follow the link

For more on this, watch the video where she shares her story in an interview on the Imram Kriya Shorts channel.

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Imram Kriya 4 days ago

HOW TO LET GO OF GRUDGES. “A reasonable person tries to get to the root cause of why it happened. A wise person looks for reasons within: why did they take offence, what happened within them to trigger such a reaction?

The answer to these questions is very simple: these are hang-ups in one’s head. In other words, when we didn’t get what we wanted, we got offended. This world constantly reminds us that we must learn to free from attachments to what we desire to see. We should at least learn to see what is already there, rather than guess what must be behind it. Why not learn to love what’s already there?”

Master Imram

From the article “How to let go of grudges” you will learn:

  • Why we hold grudges?
  • How a wise person deals with grudges?
  • How spiritual practice helps to let go of grudges?

Follow the link to read the article “How to let go of grudges”.

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Imram Kriya 5 days ago

Music that opens hearts. Sometimes all it takes to hear your heart is to hear uplifting music…

Imram is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and performer. Music is an important part of Imram’s mission. It emerges from the subtle world of ideas that carry the Spirit of high creativity.

Audience members refer differently to the states they get during Imram’s concerts. Some call it a “flow of love”, others describe the state as “immersion in meditation”.

Imram’s music leaves no one indifferent and opens the heart of everyone who comes into contact with it.

You too are invited to enjoy the heartfelt music at Imram and Mariam’s concert and experience inner upliftment and high inspiration.

Date and location: 10 June, Marbella, Spain.

TICKETS for the concert can be purchased on the website.

See you at the concert!

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Imram Kriya 7 days ago

THE SPRING RETREAT IN SOCHI IS OVER! Each participant received a new experience, spiritual strength and Master’s blessing for further practice and advancement on the Kriya path. In the retreat chat many wrote that they gained even more than they expected.

“The retreat is over, but the self-awareness continues…. From now on, wherever you are, in any situation, at any time, let the Light of this self-awareness, of pure clear mind, of presence manifest in you. And let this Light transform the space of your Universe. May all living beings be happy in your presence! “

Master Imram

We thank everyone for their impressive personal transformation and high aspirations. And we wish the retreat to everyone for whom this is a cherished dream!

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Imram Kriya 1 week ago

Family Constellations, frustration and help to parents, – these are subjects of a NEW VIDEO n the Imram-Kriya YouTube channel.

Master Imram answers the questions of the retreat participants. As always, his answers are deep and have a touch of humor. Now the questions concern family problems, ego and emotions, relationships with children and parents:

  • Can Family Constellations help to work out one’s karma? How can you help your family?
  • Why do we feel strong emotions in relationships?
  • How can one learn to control their feelings and emotions?
  • Why can’t some people come to a retreat, even if they want to?

Imram will recommend you not to feel sorry for what you have missed in your life. Besides, he will teach you how to get out of conflict situations in a correct way. You will hear an interesting story about Sai Baba.

Dear friends, we invite you to the Imram Kriya YouTube-channel to listen to Master Imram’s wisdom. We’ll appreciate your comments and questions.

Watch the new video

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Imram Kriya 1 week ago

WHY LEAVING BAD BEHAVIOUR IN THE PAST IS IMPORTANT? “Leave out whatever is beyond your control. You cannot change the past now, because you have already done the action. It’s beyond your control to implement something you are so strongly opposed to. Say, you have some negativity. And you are trying to dissociate from it. It’s a demanding and difficult practise. You will also be wasting a lot of energy and time.”

Master Imram


Article “How to think positively”

Playlist “How to stop the inner dialogue? Meditation for beginners”

Playlist “How to change your life”

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Imram Kriya 1 week ago

Why is there no enlightenment? Master Imram explained this in the Lecture “There is no Enlightenment” held in Moscow last summer.

Friends, we have a recording of this unique lecture on our website. You have the chance to watch it and find out:

• What is enlightenment and is it possible to achieve it
• How the concept of time affects thinking
• What prevents us from entering into real meditation
• What traps await us in the path to realisation

In this 3-hour lecture, Master Imram addresses a challenging issue of enlightenment and shares important keys to self-realisation.

Purchase the lecture recording

“Everyone aspires to a certain enlightenment, of which few are aware until the moment they find it. They want to reach it, but it’s not there. Therefore, ‘There is no enlightenment’ Lecture may look very much casual, but there is certainly something important in terms of a serious issue…”

Master Imram

A recording of the lecture is available for purchase on the on the website in the section “Education – Webinars and lectures”.

Duration of the lecture: 3 hours.

To get a recording of the Lecture “There is no enlightenment”, follow this LINK.

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The consciousness of the Master is Omnipresent and this Master is the Higher Self
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