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Imram Kriya 7 hours ago

🕉 HOW TO HANDLE MONEY PROPERLY? “Why do you need money? What will you do with it? Manna from heaven is about to fall on you. What will you do with it? How will you distribute it properly? What will you do with this resource that the Creator has entrusted to you, that the Universe has entrusted to you? If you are ready for it, then everything will work out fine.”

Master Imram

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Imram Kriya 1 day ago

Is it possible to stop the inner dialogue and slow down the flow of thoughts? The answer to this question you can find in the new article by Master “How to stop thoughts“.

“One gets rid of thoughts, who still wants to be in the body, who doesn’t want to lose touch with this life, with this world, so he just relaxes his brain. In order to do this, it’s enough to get some sleep, sit down, put on some good music, enter into a state of peace, contemplation – just relax your mind, switch your attention to something.

But if we talk about a serious yogic transformation, we will definitely have to develop the power of concentration.”

Master Imram

In the article, Master gives recommendations on what can we do with the flow of thoughts and how to turn the thought process into practice. You will learn what the mind is and when thoughts disappear.

🕉 To read the article “How to stop thoughts”

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Imram Kriya 4 days ago

A safe way of kundalini awakening.  Dear friends, we invite you to watch a sequel to the interview with Master Imram about Kundalini.

The premiere is on Imram Kriya YouTube channel tonight at 6:00 PM CET (UTC+1).

From the second part of the video “Kundalini awakening” you will find out what method of this energy awakening is the most safe and effective.

 Master Imram will tell us why it is very important to everyone to practice regularly and to be sincerely devoted to the high goal. You will receive answers to the following important questions:

  • If Kundalini has awakened does it mean that a person is in Samadhi or Nirvana?
  • What techniques of Kundalini awakening are there in Kriya Yoga?
  • What is Kriya Kundalini pranayama like?

🕉 It’s going to be very interesting, welcome to the premiere!
Friends, we are waiting for you on Imram Kriya – Yoga YouTube channel!

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Imram Kriya 4 days ago

“You should utter such words which carry strength with them.” Today we present a fragment from Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s course of lectures “SUMMER LEAVES IN BRINDAVAN”, which he addressed to young people in the 70s of the 20th century.

“Once we understand and appreciate what is true and what is permanent, then these transient things will not give us any trouble whatsoever.

If you want to establish one truth, it is possible to do so only by following and by practising other related truths. Just as we have to use a thorn to remove a thorn and just as we have to use a diamond to cut a diamond, so also if you want to remove the effect of bad actions you can remove them only by other good actions.

A good action is needed to remove a bad action. Following this, law that a Karma has to be done in order to sanctify another bad action, our Vedas have taught us to distinguish between forbidden work and prescribed work, or the right type of action.

Therefore we should make every effort to recognise the aspect of speech and the life force. Earlier while giving you the meaning of Angirasa, I had explained this. Because these aspects are present in every one of our limbs and the organs, this force has been called Angirasa. That limb in which there is no life force begins to deteriorate.

Taking the aspects of speech we should take care to utter only such words which have life in them. You should utter such words which carry strength with them. Today the words which are coming out of the mouths of young people are lifeless. They are not attaching any importance to whatever work they do. They are not regarding the work as full of life or quality. They simply think that whatever they do is for only a selfish end. We now see that they are wanting to hear only useless things. This is the reason why the value of a human being has come down so low today.

To be born as a man is a very sacred thing. […] One must make the determination to use all the organs in our body for sacred purposes.”

📖 Discourse of Sathya Sai Baba during the Summer Course in Spirituality and Indian Culture held for College Students at Brindavan, Whitefield, Bangalore District in May/June 1974

Chapter 10 Raja yoga is the Combination of Bhakti and Karma

✨ Please share your own impressions in the comments below 🙏

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Imram Kriya 5 days ago

How not to lose energy if you live in a city? Friends, we recommend reading an article on the website Imram-Kriya.com. It’s about the preservation of vitality in the rapid flow of urban concerns, thoughts and entertainments.

From the article you will learn how to focus energy around yourself and how to avoid wasting your life. Master Imram has given some practical tips on how to remain centered and how to reinforce the connection between the mind and the body.

Read the article

“We can’t but agree that lots of people nowadays can’t understand the purpose of their life and fail to decide what they should do. Once you’ve found your life purpose, you can make a plan for achieving it. It’s not about planting a tree, raising a son, or the like. These things can’t be called “purposes”. This is just something we do for ourselves in our everyday life. I am talking now about the main purpose of life.

The first thing I advise you is to consolidate your mental perceptions and immerse them into the Divine Cave — medulla oblongata and the spinal cord – the head area, viewed as one whole. This is the area where energies are concentrated”.

Master Imram

Follow the link to read the full article  “Recommendations for city dwellers”

Read other articles concerning spiritual development and personal growth on the website, in the section “Self-development”

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Imram Kriya 6 days ago

“Now I will give you a way to learn how to heal yourself with your hormones.

🕉 ONLINE COURSE “KRIYA-NIDRA” with Master Imram. The technique of deep relaxation and immersion into yourself.

This is a rather unusual, but very effective way that will allow you to awaken all the internal reserves, resources of the body, to awaken the highest quality of transformation and transfiguration in yourself.

But it takes some time because your mind must learn to be concentrated.

Now, you can sit in a chair or lie down on the floor, relax…

Master Imram

The course consists of 4 practical sessions. Master Imram gives detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions that will allow you to master this method easily and quickly.

The Kriya-Nidra course is available as a recording on our Imram Kriya educational platform.

🕉 To get the online KRIYA-NIDRA course follow the link.

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Imram Kriya 7 days ago

The principle of breathing in Kriya. A new article on Imram-Kriya.com is devoted to such an important subject as breathing, namely, breathing in Kriya.

From this article you will learn about the dangers of intensive breathing practices and long breath-holding. You’ll also find out about the advantages of the Kriya method.

“Paramahansa Yogananda writes about this principle in his books. We are talking about carbon release – when you consciously inhale while concentrating on special zones and centres,- and consciously exhale. One breath takes you a minute or half a minute. So the basic principle is two breaths a minute. Such a balanced and consciously performed breath causes profound changes in the brain. It helps release carbon and a lot of unwanted substances.”

Master Imram

If you are interested in Kriya as a method of self-development, we recommend reading the other articles under the heading “The Science of Kriya”.

To read the entire article “The Principle of Breathing in Kriya,” go to Imram-Kriya.com .

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Imram Kriya 1 week ago

How Kriya transforms the body and consciousness. In Kriya yoga practice, there is such a thing as “ENERGISATION OF THE BODY”. It’s not just pumping yourself full of energy. As we occur in space, are already this energy, which has a huge potential. But this energy cannot be manifested because there is no self-conscious force in it.

When the central nervous system is connected to the periphery, we feel our body parts well. We do not feel them for the sake of feeling the body, arms, or legs, but by applying special techniques of energisation, we transform this energy into a high quality.

By energising (magnetising) the body, we direct our attention to certain areas, with the goal of transforming them at the atomic level. Thus, our atoms gradually quickly become self-aware and wake up from sleep.

The human spine, containing the spinal cord, develops during the practice of energisation, and thus becomes a conscious thinking substance, similar to the brain. This accelerates human evolution…

Kriya is an action performed in full awareness. This is an action that one performs towards their own transformation.

Master Imram

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Imram Kriya 1 week ago

The Integral Yoga by Sri Aurobindo. Friends, we would like to present to you an excerpt from the work on Integral Yoga by Sri Aurobindo, whose message was “All life is Yoga”.

“If one can remain always in the higher consciousness, so much the better. But why does not one remain always there?

Because the lower is still part of the nature and it pulls you down towards itself. If on the other hand the lower is transformed, it becomes of one kind with the higher and there is nothing lower to pull downward.

Transformation means that the higher consciousness or nature is brought down into the mind, vital and body and takes the place of the lower.

There is a higher consciousness of the true self, which is spiritual, but it is above; if one rises above into it, then one is free as long as one remains there, but if one comes down into or uses mind, vital or body—and if one keeps any connection with life, one has to do so, either to come down and act from the ordinary consciousness or else to be in the self but use mind, life and body, then the imperfections of these instruments have to be faced and mended—they can only be mended by transformation.

By transformation I do not mean some change of the nature—I do not mean, for instance, sainthood or ethical perfection or yogic siddhis […] or a transcendental […] body. I use transformation in a special sense, a change of consciousness radical and complete and of a certain specific kind which is so conceived as to bring about a strong and assured step forward in the spiritual evolution of the being of a greater and higher kind and of a larger sweep and completeness than what took place when a mentalised being first appeared in a vital and material animal world.”

Sri Aurobindo’s teachings and method of practice

Letters on yoga / Sri Aurobindo […]. 1993

Share in the comments, are you familiar with the legacy of Sri Aurobindo?

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Imram Kriya 1 week ago

WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO PAY BACK DEBTS. “If you lend money, forget about it. However, if someone doesn’t repay the debt, they will not have a normal life. Because it’s energy. They captured the energy, took it away or embezzled it, so they have to give it back. Either they have to work it off some other way, to make up for it. Nature demands balance. There is a repayment law.”

Master Imram

Receive answers to always vital and important questions in Master Imram’s videos on Imram Kriya – Yoga YouTube channel.

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The consciousness of the Master is Omnipresent and this Master is the Higher Self
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