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Imram Kriya 17 hours ago

If you see 14:14, 15:15, 11:11, 12:12, either 21 or, say, 12, etc. It’s all an indication that one is following the path. And there is work going on with this person. This work is linked to his Higher centres of consciousness.

Many people say, “This is the help of Angels.”  It’s fine to think so, if that is how you want to look at it, not scientifically, but more religiously. Yes, indeed, there are those who can be called Angels. It is our consciousness expressed in one way or another. And we can view it as a flow of information or a series of occurrences that signal what we need to change or manifest in ourselves. That’s just the way it is.



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Imram Kriya 4 days ago

What should you do with feelings of loneliness and how can you learn not to suffer? What is a ‘body of light’ and how is it formed? How do you set intentions for the New Year?

These and other questions were discussed during a satsang at the Retreat. If you have concerns about relationships with loved ones, finding your purpose, the evolution of the soul, and human potential – you will find the answers in the new video on the Imram Kriya – Yoga YouTube channel.

Watch the video

From this video you will learn:

  • How to free yourself from emotional dependency on someone.
  • How you can help family members who are dependent on alcohol.
  • Whether an astrological bracelet is necessary.
  • How to receive a personal mantra.
  • What to do if your job is lucrative but doesn’t bring happiness.
  • How to celebrate your birthday.
  • How the Great Teachers – the Mahatmas – manifest themselves on Earth.

Friends, watch the video and gain insights for self-development from Master!

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Imram Kriya 5 days ago

The events in Berlin have come and gone!

At the weekend, we held a seminar “Initiation into the Science of Kriya” in the centre of Berlin. Imram and Khadija shared Knowledge and their personal experience with the participants.

Simultaneous interpreting provided an opportunity for English speakers to gain knowledge and practise. We did a tremendous job to help everyone transform their being—fine tuning their body, consciousness, and soul.

We received a lot of ‘thank you’ feedback from the participants for holding the seminar in Europe. Residents and guests of Berlin could enjoy the long-awaited Imram and Mariam concert. This unforgettable celebration of Light and Love united our hearts through a stream of music and happiness.

We heartily thank all our guests for being with us! 

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Imram Kriya 7 days ago

How to satisfy your heart?

Dear friends! We continue to introduce you to the books recommended by Imram. Today we want to share an excerpt from Sri Yukteswar Giri’s book “The Holy Science”.

“Man enjoys a thing when he so desires. At the time of the enjoyment, however, if he directs his organs of sense, through which he enjoys, toward the object of his desire, he can never be satisfied, and his desires increase in double force.

On the contrary, if he can direct his organs of sense inward toward his Self, at that time he can satisfy his heart immediately.”

Sri Yukteswar Giri “The Holy Science”.  The Procedure. Sutras 12-18

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Imram Kriya 1 week ago


Nowadays there is a lot of negative vibrations in the world. A sort of a struggle is taking place, but, in fact, this struggle is delusive. Why is that so? Because everything depends on the inner attitude of mind. People are afraid of external conditions: they are frightened of negative influence, of bounds and prohibitions. However, whether they want it or not, they will eventually have to come to the inner feeling. So, right now, it’s better to base yourself on the inner perception of Divinity within yourself. Babaji Kriya is based on this truth. Lahiri Mahasaya and other Self-realized Masters talked about the same thing. When a person realizes this truth, he will understand that everything around him develops as a result of his inner being.



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Imram Kriya 2 weeks ago

Fate or choice, can we make life plans, how to change one’s character, how to receive a spiritual name?

These topics are discussed in the new video “Engineering Reality. Five sinful traits. Karmic knots” on the Imram Kriya YouTube channel.

Watch the video

Imram addresses the following themes:

  • What is astrology and how do the stars help?
  • What five sinful qualities prevent a person from growing spiritually?
  • How can one effectively work on one’s character?
  • How to distinguish love from attachment?
  • Can we change our destiny or are all events predestined?
  • When is a spiritual name given?
  • How to work with energy channels?

Imram answers these questions, and also explains how the progressive techniques of Kriya work, how to introduce spontaneity into one’s life, and why it is important to recognize responsibility when embarking on a spiritual path.

Friends, watch the video and get answers to your questions from Imram!

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Imram Kriya 2 weeks ago

Imram in Berlin!

Friends, this is a reminder of the seminar «Initiation into the Science of Kriya» in Berlin to be held this weekend, on 25–26 November. The Science of Kriya will be revealed to you in Russian with simultaneous interpreting into English.

On 28 November, at 7:00 PM, Imram and Mariam concert will be held in Berlin.

To purchase tickets follow the link

Meet Master to discover the opportunity to hear yourself and get answers to your deepest questions, to receive Initiation and Knowledge directly, from heart to heart! We’ll be happy to have you join us!

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Imram Kriya 2 weeks ago

How to Think Positively

Some people are born with a positive outlook on life, others have to master this ability throughout their lifetime. If you have enough spiritual power, you will always be positively charged. But if your spiritual power is low, if you don’t have enough energy, you will always be in an irritable mental state. There is a significant drain on a person’s energy when they feel irritated or angry.


In the article “How to Think Positively” Master clarifies some important aspects of positive thinking. He gives answers to the following questions:

  • how the life force changes one’s environment;
  • what exactly opens the source of joy, hidden deep inside a person;
  • when and why a positive state is given to a person; who it is given for;

Follow the link to read the article “How to Think Positively”. Friends, read Master’s articles and saturate your consciousness with the universal wisdom!

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Imram Kriya 2 weeks ago

The Imram Kriya seminar is coming soon!

Dear Friends, this Saturday we will meet at the Imram Kriya seminar in Berlin. Two days of teaching and intensive immersion into the practice of Kriya, into the new knowledge and sensations are coming up. What to wear and what to take with you to the Seminar? It is recommended to wear white or light shades of clothing for practice. Light tones have a positive effect on our inner state and well-being, elevate our consciousness.

  • Clothing should be loose, comfortable for practice, preferably made of natural fabrics.
  • There is no need to bring mats, they will already be in the hall. If it’s hard for you to sit on the floor, take a pillow or a blanket with you.
  • Take a small bottle of water with you.
  • At the entrance, we will distribute notepads and pens for writing, but if you wish, you can take your notebook and pen.

Dear participants, the registration on Saturday will begin at 9:00 in the hotel lobby. Venue address: Hotel Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof, Berlin, Budapester Str. 25 See you at the Seminar!

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Imram Kriya 2 weeks ago

You were born into this family. You come from this family line.

For what? Why? What for? Why on this date exactly? Why did it happen this way? It’s all predetermined. The soul is sent in its time. What’s interesting is that people on Earth who conceive a child are completely unaware of it. But that’s exactly how it works: the chance presents itself. “So everything is robotised, scripted, and everything operates like that ‘matrix?”, some people ask. Yes, the matrix is working. But in this limitless, ever-new matrix, there are a huge number of scenarios.

Master Imram


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The consciousness of the Master is Omnipresent and this Master is the Higher Self
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