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Webinar “Removing the shackles of karma and de-hypnotizing the Consciousness”
Recording March 23, 2021

What is suggestion and how do you get out from under all influences? These questions are addressed in Master Imram’s webinar. The entire universe is nothing but infusion. This infusion is a natural force and is as powerful as nature itself. 

No movement or action in this world can take place without suggestion. The idea comes first, followed by the action… Everything we know now has come to us through the power of suggestion. 

But it is important for us to realise that there is positive and negative suggestion (infusion).

Free of charge
Lecture "There is no enlightenment"
Recording 13 August 2022

Does enlightenment even exist and what pitfalls can we expect to encounter on the path to realization?

Master Imram uncovers the complex issue of enlightenment, sharing key aspects with us.

What you will learn from the Lecture:

  • What is minor enlightenment
  • How the concept of time affects thinking
  • What the human body is made of
  • How the “I am” principle prevents us from knowing ourselves
  • What is personality and where do desires originate from
  • What is stopping you from entering into meditation
  • Why enlightenment does not exist

Duration of the lecture is 3 hours.

Cost $ 70
Recording December 13, 2020

Webinar includes a 25-minute energisation practice with Master, a short lecture on Kriya-nidra and sleep quality, and answers to many questions:

  • How to get into a conscious dream and what to do in that state?
  • How to interpret dreams correctly?
  • What mantra to read at bedtime?
  • How long does it take to practise to achieve Samadhi?
  • What energy works during Kriya-nidra practice?
  • What direction is preferrable for a head to face during sleep?
  • How do I learn to sleep less?

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Free of charge
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