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1 (2) How to regain your strength
12 September 2022
There are special techniques that help replenish ojas—the life force that was given to us from Above.
1 квадрат Can Earth be a planet of happiness?
10 August 2022
Earth is not just about people. There are also many creatures that you cannot see.
квадрат -1 How to introduce your family to practice
18 July 2022
If your other half is not interested in self-development, waves aside your spiritual growth
1-квадрат What Is creativity?
6 July 2022
When a person creates, one expresses the Divine...
1-квадрат How to breathe properly
21 June 2022
Our task is to learn to slow our breath in order to breathe less than usual. On average, an ordinary person takes 20–25 breaths per minute, some people take 30 breaths.
Art_children_title Kriya yoga and children
20 June 2022
People often ask me from what age you can to teach Kriya yoga to children. Kriya yoga should be taught to children from the moment of conceiving. Parents should prepare in advance to help their child embark on the spiritual path, and most importantly, they should practice themselves.

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1 How food affects a person
Food carries information. It is energy in its manifested form. If you bring something into your body, it becomes the building material for it. But the building material is expressed not only physically, but also informationally. Therefore, such an expression is out there: "We are what we think about, we are what and how we breathe, and we are what we eat".
Art_HowToSucced How to become successful
The Warrior of Light never regrets about what happened, he moves on. He just marches on and that's it. It is important to understand that everything you could have done at this point, you have already done. You have applied all the knowledge that you have now. If you succeed - good, if you don't - that's also good. That's why Sai Baba says, “Prepare for life—study, evolve.”
1-квадрат How to develop superpowers
The subject of superpowers is quite a popular one because our ego
808 х 808-1 The spiritual journey of a woman and a man
There is no difference between the spiritual path of a woman and a man, if that is we're talking about the essence
808 х 808-1 Why people don’t have children
Persons should prepare for parenthood. There exist special practices of spiritual transformation
808 х 808-1 How to start the practice of Kriya yoga
Kriya yoga practice begins when you study it on the mental plane
808 х 808 Why we get tired
If you feel tired when you wake up, it means that at night you were fighting against your body and your mind.
1-808 х 808 How to stop thoughts
A human being can never get rid of mind altogether. Doing so would make us silly.
1-808 х 808 Why do family conflicts occur
You live together, but you are different, you each have different psychological types. All of us has an ego - it is precisely the ego that does not allow a person to accept another.
808 х 808 How to keep a relationship alive
If somebody doesn’t love you, and you think that you do love that person, just know that you are looking into a mirror.........
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