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Kriya super technique

A million years of evolution

Achieving Cosmic Consciousness or liberation requires a million years of evolution. We don’t have that much time, but we have been blessed with the gift of the Kriya yoga super technique. When I say super technique, I mean it in a very… sacred sense, something connected to communion with the Creator, with the Higher.

The principle of “I Am” is very strong in us. It is the Foundation of Life…

To reach this state, we need to compress the energy of a million years into one lifetime by practising Kriya techniques. With intensive practice, it can be compressed down to several years.

Cosmic Consciousness

If we want to reach the level of Cosmic Consciousness, to begin living properly, to be creatively fulfilled, to gain confidence, to stop suffering as we have before, we apply the Science of Kriya, absorbing the highest energy every time we practice.

We raise our consciousness to higher levels, change our attitude to life and enter an incredibly deep spiritual state. This is the path to eternity and it begins with acceptance of the Cosmic Consciousness and with purification of our mind and psyche.


You can practice Kriya at any time, in the morning, afternoon or evening.

It also doesn’t matter how old you are. Even if you are eighty or a hundred years old, if you start practising Kriya and ask the Highest in Spirit for realisation, you will be given additional years for realisation.

From the moment a person steps on the Path, time expands for achieving the High Goal, and this person will grow stronger and be able to carry out their plans! Why does this happen? Because he or she has expressed an intention to reach the Cosmic Consciousness. We are born with only one goal, to truly fathom ourselves in order to achieve Unity with the Higher Self! We have come to imbue material nature with spirit and to make our universe even more beautiful, perceiving this Beauty as divine Light and Sound.

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The seventh stage of Kriya yoga

Once initiated into the seventh stage of Kriya, from the moment of mastering it (let’s say within a year), a person lives through one year of conscious evolution with every breath.

It means that during one conscious inhale, which passes through the special spinal centres (chakras), your consciousness rises to a high level or dimension, to a very high level of your being, and you live through one year of evolution in one inhale and exhale.

What is one year of evolution?

Imagine that you are engaged in spiritual practice, you practise every day from morning to night, read spiritual literature, and communicate with the Masters. You can achieve a lot in one year.

The same can be achieved with Kriya, once you master the Kriya super technique, in one breath — and it only takes half a minute of your time.

Fifty minutes of Prana Karma Kriya practice is equal to one hundred years of spiritual evolution.

Once a person is sufficiently advanced, they can practise the seventh stage of Kriya for many hours.

For example, eight hours of Kriya practice, consisting of only breathing and requiring nothing else, equals to 1,008 years of your evolution. Now multiply 1,008 years or one day or eight hours by a certain number of years, and you will understand that a million years can be reached very quickly from the moment of mastering the technique.

The principle of Unity

The Science of Kriya allows you to enjoy the results while you are walking the path. Why does this happen? When consciousness enters the spine (Divine cave), the sadhak (a student of Kriya) experiences bliss beyond compare, triggered by the high awareness of being.

This technique has been bestowed upon us from Above, by Mahavatar Babaji Himself, and have not been distorted, let alone replaced, but preserved by the Masters for us… and the Kriya mechanism works like a Universal clock, flawlessly and very accurately.

Kriya is the base, the foundation and the crown of humanity's development
as a spiritual practice.

Kriya translates as “action”, yet it is not simply an action, but an action performed in full awareness, on the way to your goal.

Kriya also translates as a breathless state or breathlessness, which arises from a very deep experience of one’s Nature, the Higher Self, and the Creator.

When a person faces their Higher Self and becomes aware of their nature, breathing ceases. In this moment, the conductivity of transcendental energy is enormous, so breathing naturally stops as You comprehend yourself.

Meditation happens… Samadhi happens...

In life, we often stop breathing when we are surprised, we take a breath and pause. In those couple of seconds, while we are caught up in a very strong emotional experience, all thought stops and breathing stops. This is small Samadhi, and you can prolong this Samadhi.

The Mysterious Khechari Mudra

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