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Joint practice with Master

Techniques for scientific concentration

Kriya is a Sacred Science. These seemingly simple actions do a great job. Your neurons wake up, brain function increases. In order for this technology to work and bring results, it is important to follow certain rules.

Training overview:

  • Joint group practice with Master Imram: 1 hour 50 minutes

  • Master’s answers to practitioners’ questions: 40 minutes

Body energisation and meditation

Throughout the practical part, Master passes on the basic techniques of Kriya as a powerful tool for psychophysical transformation. You will acquire important keys for performing the techniques and perform the practice together with Master.


You will learn:

  • Concentration techniques for transcending the usual perceptions
  • Techniques for body energisation in a seated position allowing transformation of energy at atomic level
  • Breathing exercises for activating the central energy channel
  • Chakra activation for awakening energy centres
  • Navi-kriya, the fundamental, essential technique of Kriya practice

Answers to the disciples' questions

During the second part of the session, Master addresses the practitioners’ most important questions in detail, revealing the intricacies of external and internal work and making recommendations for successful practice progress. Questions concern exercise techniques, working with the physical and mental body, the psyche and the mind.

  • How to focus on energy centres properly
  • How to learn to sustain yourself when expanding your consciousness
  • Stages of independent Kriya practice at home
  • How to overcome fears during practice
  • Keys to the successful practising of Meditation on Sound and Meditation on Light 
  • Secrets of performing breathing techniques
  • How to properly come out of meditation
A happy person is one who is in the "Here and Now" state,
and has a direct connection to their Higher Self
Master Imram

By practising, you will learn how to

  • Shorten the distance between the mind and the body
  • Feel the subtle changes in the body
  • Experience your body temple as a manifested Force
  • Feel the activity of prana – the life force
  • Awaken Knowledge and abilities within yourself
  • Being aware of the Higher Self as yourself

“Kriya is the most profound science for comprehending one’s own nature as well as the nature of the universe. It is a Sacred Science. It is crucial to follow all the rules in order for this practice to work. These seemingly simple actions do a great job. Your neurons wake up, brain function increases. Scientific concentrations techniques necessitate careful attention and a responsible attitude.”


Master Imram

  • The Kriya Master who has achieved Unity
  • Initiates Kriya transcendence
  • Being in the world, He is not of this world…
  • A composer who changes space through Sound.

Thanks to many years of sadhana practice, Imram has achieved Realisation, that is, Unity with
The Higher Self, which in yoga is considered as Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Date and format

Recording of the Retreat broadcast. The video will be available in your personal account. The link will be emailed to you immediately after registration.
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1 year ago

I found the question that has been bugging me for a couple of months in part 2, thanks !

Имрам Крийя
1 year ago

Keith, thanks a bunch 🙏

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1 year ago

Despite the fact that I was there, I review and practice with even more pleasure ! 🙏✨

Имрам Крийя
1 year ago

Great job 👍 I wish you good practice 🙏

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1 year ago

Many thanks for this wonderful recordings! Mater;s voice like an ommm - it makes me calm and meditative even if I just focused on the sound not the sence

Имрам Крийя
1 year ago

Svetlana thank you for your kind and sincere words 🙏

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