Kriya-Nidra course

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Kriya-Nidra - technique of deep relaxation and self-immersion

Kriya-Nidra is a conscious immersion into the self, into the deepest state. This practice is a good means to transcend ordinary, traditional way of thinking.

Kriya-Nidra is an action, your action at the moment of self-immersion. Is much more important and effective than simple
relaxation of the body, as is done in shavasana or in yoga nidra.

The course consists of 4 practical classes:
  • Basic immersion and relaxation system
  • Techniques for body magnetisation and deep immersion
  • Advanced work with energy centres and the Sushumna channel, awakening the All-Seeing Eye
  • The system for self-healing and revitalisation using your own hormones and tranquilisers
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Kriya Practice with Master


Passing on fundamental Kriya techniques for rapid advancement.

Kriya is a Sacred Science. Outwardly simple actions do a tremendous amount of work within. In order for this technology to work and bring results, it is important to follow certain rules.

During the Retreat, Master passes on the essential Science of Kriya techniques with detailed explanations and keys for successful performance. You will understand the subtleties of external and internal work and receive recommendations for advancement in practice.

Event is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

The training consists of two parts
  • Practising fundamental Kriya techniques: 1 hour 50 minutes.
    -Scientific concentration techniques
    -Body energisation and meditation 

  • Lecture with Master in Q&A format: 40 minutes.
    Questions concern exercise techniques, working with the physical and mental body, the psyche and the mind.

Total duration is 2.5 hours

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