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The realised Master is one whose consciousness has reached unity with the Cosmic Consciousness and one who has become self-aware as the Higher Self. Only such a Master is considered to be realised!
The realised Master is one whose consciousness has reached unity with the Cosmic Consciousness and one who has become self-aware as the Higher Self. Only such a Master is considered to be realised!

Knowledge of the Truth

People tend to have a lot of opinions. For many people, realisation is when a person possesses superpowers or extensive knowledge, plus many other things. But there are saints who do not know much and yet are holy men.

If we are talking about true realisation, it is the awareness of Truth within oneself, facing the Higher Self.

Mahavatar Babaji is the Supreme Entity beyond time and unaffected by space… All spaces are born from Him… He came to us as a Master, in a physical body, to transmit the sacred Science of Kriya…

There are also many immortal Mahasiddhas whose consciousness resides in Eternity… They help the world in its difficult awakening. Babaji was present in human form, like Sathya Sai Baba, but he was not just a person with knowledge, but a Superbeing made flesh!

The parampara or the lineage of knowledge from Babaji to Lahiri Mahasaya to Yukteswar Giri to Yoganandaji, is what is known to the world from the book Autobiography of a Yogi, but Mahavatar Babaji has personal disciples to whom He revealed Himself and initiated directly… to help the world.

The immortal Babaji, residing in the divine body (divya deha), revealed His Presence and gave the holy blessing to Master Imram for the holy science of Kriya yoga.

“I have no earthly teachers in this life except the Avatars Sathya Sai Baba and Mahavatar Babaji. Speaking of parampara, I was initiated into Kriya by Mahavatar Babaji and into Sai Kriya Kundalini by Sathya Sai Baba.

Sathya Sai Babaji is One and there are no separations!

There is one crown even though the heads are different. Therefore, I never separate Mahavatar Babaji and Poorna Avatar Sathya Sai Baba, to me they are One! Thus did the One let me get to know Him.”

Among the Siddhas, the most famous are Swami Gorakhnath, Ramalinga Swamigal, Agastya Muni, Bhoganathar, Kalangi, Mataji Annai and many others… all of them reached an immortal state where their bodies were transformed on the physical plane.

It is clear that these are high incarnations and they can be considered Avatars who came into the world, but I will tell you that each Soul with the radiance of 16 suns is you, and you all have the quality of Avatars and come directly from the Absolute.

We are a kind of essence of the Absolute itself, so it is vital to understand that what we consider to be ourselves is what needs to be awakened…

The Science of Kriya is very effective for this, since it allows you to consciously accelerate this process.

It is mere knowledge until it becomes your personal experience.

Thank you to all the Teachers

We have the knowledge and the ancient Teachers, real Teachers… they were able to convey what Samadhi is in the ancient teachings.

We are very grateful to the many people who left this legacy, the Siddhas first and foremost, thanks to whom so many people have advanced. Their invisible and visible presence is obvious to many advanced practitioners.

They left this Knowledge and themselves here for our sake, sacrificing their infinite state to some extent, and they remain to this day with us, in the here and now.

The gold sheets and palm-leaf manuscripts on which the sacred sutras, treatises, books, information, you name it, are written, were translated by very advanced and devoted yogis.

There were many teachers who left books: Sri Aurobindo, Marshall Govindan and his group, Svyatoslav Dubyanskiy, whose mind tries to present the information to the reader as accurately as possible… We need to give them all credit and thank them for spending years of their lives to relay the material as accurately as they possibly could. This is very difficult and very valuable.

There Is only one Kriya

Babaji gave only one Kriya, and it is Universal! He did not give other Kriya branches! He presented only one teaching and one method, and called it Kriya.

All other methods and interpretations are not the pure Kriya Teachings of Babaji, and they can be attributed either to Raja yoga or to another master’s interpretation, which is completely untrustworthy!

“All teachers who have not even changed the name, and who teach Kriya as Babaji used to teach it through parampara, are great devotees whose minds work for the good of all beings!

The rest are just looking for attention… Although I am not in the parampara and not in the lineage, for I happen to have no earthly teachers in this life, but I collaborate with the Kriya Masters and I deeply appreciate and respect them all.

If these teachers preserved the name and the principle without distorting anything, without changing a single comma... this is the real Kriya and these teachers are truly loyal to Babaji!
Hara Hari AUM
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