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Breaking free from loneliness


14 February 2023

Those who aspire, but fail to find a mate, should nurture the energy within themselves. A woman should nurture her feminine energy, whereas a male cultivates his masculine energy.

A person can attract another person when they increase their electromagnetic qualities, awakening their spiritual powers. To do this, one must engage in spiritual practice. There is no other way.

What appeals to a partner


If a person lacks the energy, there is no way they can make any money either. Money flows where there is mental power, etheric and astral strength. Same goes for attracting a partner, an ally.

If a woman does not sense a man’s strength, she will not marry him. If a man does not sense the Shakti energy in a woman, he would ignore her.

If one cannot find the other half, it means that there is some kind of psychological problem. It all comes down to not using one’s mental abilities to awaken energy within. This person needs to take up spiritual practice.

A man should turn into a real man and a woman should turn into a real woman. A woman should nurture the yin, a man should nurture the yang. Once this energy is awakened, he or she is bound to attract a partner. Though the word is not suitable in this case. It would be more accurate to say an ally or a loved one.

Biomagnetism and spiritual magnetism

As with other issues, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth when looking for an ally.

One needs to develop spiritually and physically, and cultivate their best qualities. Some people are born to attract the opposite sex, but there’s nothing good about that.

You can have biomagnetism and you can have spiritual magnetism.

Biomagnetism refers to having power, but only at an animal level. In this case, one’s consciousness is not developed. Spiritual magnetism stands for awakened spiritual power, which also keeps animal power under control. It is primarily about inner strength. Many people feel it and will follow a person who possesses it.

Guys, if you want to attract women, be a spiritual leader who can be trusted and relied on. Girls, if you want to attract a man, you need to awaken the feminine qualities that men are drawn to.

Develop your spiritual magnetism. It’s important for both men and women. I mention this a lot to the young people I often talk to. Lately, more and more young people in their 20s and 30s have been attending our seminars. This is a great trend. It speaks volumes.

Master Imram

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