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2 May 2021

If a person is engaged in the practice of self-development, he awakens neural connections and the brain in general. His brain starts functioning in a different way, and he starts noticing things that he never noticed before. He definitely begins to live better, more vigorously. Yet again, we come to the conclusion that it is necessary to engage in self-development practices.

Such practices lead up to growth of creative abilities. And in return they increase a person’s possibilities. A person develops, including his career and in business.

What should a business person's mindset be to grow and develop his company

First off, a business owner needs to think about bringing good employees into the company. In order to attract such employees, this person must develop himself. To attract fine employees, in Spirit one must address the Universe and state that he has a high aim, that for this purpose he needs talents who meet the demands of this high aim.

What is a high aim? A high aim is when all employees of a company have one unselfish goal, it is a kind of ministration, and each employee really cares not about himself, but the common cause.

It is crucial to take care that the person who created the company hired people not to enrich himself, but to enrich those people who correspond to his high idea.  If a person has a high idea, the universe will provide him with a sufficient amount of resources for this high idea, which can be invested and multiplied, because the energy is limitless.

A substantial point here: if you want to be rich, you need to converse with rich people. If you want to be a saint, you need to converse with the saints. Both can be brought together. Wealth is the result of a spiritual state. If a person is rich, then he is spiritual as well.

How to become wealthy?

To become a wealthy person, you need to carry enough energy. Quality of the energy should be high. The universe gives money, or energy in the form of money, only to those who are willing to accept this energy. A person who has insufficient energy is not able to get a plenty of money. A person who aimed only to get money is not able to accept this power, because it is the power of transformation. Money is given to those who are willing to use it properly. It is so as of today.

You know that there are a lot of millionaires, billionaires who have attained wealth in their time. Whether they gained it by fair means or not – it doesn’t matter now. What do they invest in? Just bring it to notice. If they invest in the destruction of the world, then they are on one side of the polarity. If they invest in the development of the world, then they are on the other side, the side of light, they side with the forces of good. Of course, the forces of good do not need people to come over to their side using money. But it is desired by people themselves. Many people understand this and move away from selfishness, they start working for the sake of the world.

So, to earn or have plenty of money, one needs a sufficient amount of energy and understanding. So I say once more: money is energy, it flows freely. If you are able to keep this power within yourself, if you are able to control these processes, then this energy will be given to you in the form of money or in the form of abilities, opportunities, events that you can capture.

Wealth is power.  It is a force that can be and should be multiplied. When you know how much you need and what you will do with this amount, the Universe will create, crystallize a situation in which all this will appear. Exactly as much as it is necessary at the moment.

How to save money?

One needs to take care not about how to save money, but about keeping your mind at ease. All the situations that make one lose their money are the work of ‘your friend,’ who is not actually a friend at all. We’re speaking about our minds. The mind creates karmic pitfalls that you stumble upon. These are your karmic situations that are created due to the fact that the mind uncontrollably gets tangled or creates obstacles in your life. So who are you in all this? You are the one who constantly worries and suffers because of money losses.

Why we lose money

Money goes out because a person is not able to keep this power. To be more precise, he is capable to keep it, but he does not know how or does not want to develop. One needs to take control of the mind and calm down. There must be a limit of desires, above which you never rise. You have absolutely everything in your life. Why have more?

When you create a rhythm and understand why everything happens, when you understand that everything is energy, everything is Spirit, then you begin to love it and respect it.  You will always be beside this. When you treat money incorrectly, which means that you do not perceive it as a given from Above, as a form of help, it will go to where it is needed more. That’s how it happens…

Master Imram

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