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Why is it necessary to awaken kundalini? Isn’t that risky? How can I know that kundalini has awakened?

These questions, sooner or later, come up before everyone who is practicing yoga or is working with their energy through other means. Some people don’t even know anything about kundalini, others have heard something about it and think it is a type of yoga.

So what is kundalini in actual fact, and how can we work with it correctly?

Find out more about that in our new video on Imram Kriya YouTube channel. We are waiting for you at the premiere tonight at 6:00 PM CET (UTC+1).

From the interview with Master Imram you will find out:

  • what kundalini is and where it is hidden
  • which techniques awaken kundalini
  • if kundalini rises or awakens
  • what you can do if this energy has awakened – how you can cope with this unusual state
  • why kundalini awakening can be dangerous.

The first part of the interview “Kundalini awakening” is going to be released today. Don’t miss it!

Friends, come to the premiere and invite your friends!

Interact with others in chat, leave your comments and ask questions!
We are waiting for you at 6:00 PM CET (UTC+1) on Imram Kriya – Yoga YouTube channel.

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