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Imram Kriya 1 month ago

Gift from Imram 

During the live stream on March, 30th Imram made a gift to all participants – he gave “Amrit Kriya” meditation.

Amrit Kriya is a meditation on body cleansing and healing. Regardless of the distance Imram helps everyone enter a deep state and gain the personal experience of meditation.

Kriya meditation allows you to energize the body, awaken the consciousness of the cells, and fill yourself with strength. Kriya is accessible to everyone regardless of your level of physical fitness. You can sit in practice in any comfortable position, even on a chair – the main thing is to keep your spine straight.

Kriya Method is a universal physical, scientific and spiritual method for developing the body, mind and consciousness. It uses three main levels of perception: mental, psycho-emotional and physical. Kriya yoga is a method that helps a person to experience Unity with the Higher Self within us.

We wish you a feeling of lightness and inspiration after practice!

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