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Imram Kriya 1 year ago

How Kriya transforms the body and consciousness. In Kriya yoga practice, there is such a thing as “ENERGISATION OF THE BODY”. It’s not just pumping yourself full of energy. As we occur in space, are already this energy, which has a huge potential. But this energy cannot be manifested because there is no self-conscious force in it.

When the central nervous system is connected to the periphery, we feel our body parts well. We do not feel them for the sake of feeling the body, arms, or legs, but by applying special techniques of energisation, we transform this energy into a high quality.

By energising (magnetising) the body, we direct our attention to certain areas, with the goal of transforming them at the atomic level. Thus, our atoms gradually quickly become self-aware and wake up from sleep.

The human spine, containing the spinal cord, develops during the practice of energisation, and thus becomes a conscious thinking substance, similar to the brain. This accelerates human evolution…

Kriya is an action performed in full awareness. This is an action that one performs towards their own transformation.

Master Imram

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