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How to prepare for the Seminar?

How can you prepare yourself for the Seminar so that the work will be even more effective?

At the Seminar we will energize our bodies. Therefore, it is important that the conductivity of cells and energy channels is high.

If you eat heavy food, try a week before the Seminar to switch to a lighter diet, drink more clean water.

When we understand what we are doing and for what purpose, practice becomes more conscious and the mind calmer.

We recommend that you watch the Imram Kriya Yoga YouTube channel playlist «Imram Kriya Seminar», where Master explains how initiation into the six steps of Kriya takes place.

We advise that you get acquainted with the basic principles of Kriya before the Seminar. Our website,, has a «Kriya Science» section and articles on the subject.

We wish you successful educational experience!

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