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Imram Kriya 1 month ago


When we worship, pray or reach the level of meditation, we do not know what to do with it.  Most people in meditation sit down and think about something. At least they think about not thinking. Because the books are saying, “You have to calm the mind”. And they think, “I’m calming the mind” while using the same mind. Right? Do you agree with that? Think about not thinking right now.

Don’t think about the elephant, yes. There are 2 kinds of meditation. Meditation on the elephant and meditation on the absence of the elephant – on emptiness. Both meditations must be performed with the right way of entering. Because actually for me the true purpose or the true meaning of meditation is direct communication with the Higher Self or the Highest. The Higher Self and the Highest are one and the same. In yoga it is called Paramatman.


Friends, we invite you to a weekly online meditation, which takes place every Saturday free of charge. This is a great opportunity to start regular practice. Register for the weekly online meditation  After registration, you will receive an email reminder every Saturday with a link to the broadcast.

We wish you all deep meditation and regular practice!

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