How to discover your purpose?


21 February 2023

Destiny is a very important aspect, and most people seek it in the external world.

Our objective is to discover what the path is in human life in general, to understand what we have come here for, for what purpose this Soul has acquired Jiva, for what purpose this Atma has become Jivatma – this is the objective. However, our ego, the system we are in, makes this higher knowledge more primitive, and one’s destiny is reduced to being a doctor, being a musician, being something else. And in this seeking people forget that they are basically everything at once.



The purpose of life

Every child is born with certain qualities. He can be a healer because his channels are clean if he does not contaminate them later. He can be a skilled artist, a poet, a musician – he can be everything, because he is God, because we have all the qualities in us.

Human destiny is to discover Divinity within themselves.
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What for? To spiritualise material nature. So as the point where we are now could become Divine. This is how the Creator discovers Himself through each of us. This is the highest purpose; this is the purpose of life — to understand who we really are.

We have qualities in us given from Above, and everyone’s destiny is to dedicate this life to the aspect of divinity within. As Master Jesus said — to be in the world, but not of this world. This is very important.

This is the only way we can understand this Divine play of Leela — what the Divinity in this play is like and what the play in this Divinity is like. Only by doing so can we reach a level of compassion without suffering — that is the purpose of every human being.


How to find your own activity?

How can you choose who you want to be if you don’t know who you are?

If a man has great destiny, or a great goal, and wants to be expressed as a musician, as a poet, as a mechanic or a technician,  – that is his right, and he knows it from his childhood.

If a person has a belief that they can be someone in this life, then that is astrology, that is their karma in a limited sphere of life – in a matrix that is not created by God, but by people themselves. In this limited sphere of existence, you can be a good doctor or an excellent musician, according to the position of the planets in your horoscope — but does that make you free? It is just a tool you use. And I think it’s better to learn a little bit of everything, then you’ll be more of a versatile person. You do not need exhaustive knowledge in one subject, rather know a lot in different areas. Help this world and first — help yourself.

So when people ask me what my destiny is, I say, “Achieve self-realisation and you will discover what you can be. You can be everything at once”.

Master Imram

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