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How to introduce your family to practice


18 July 2022

Engage yourself first. Yoga says that a person who wants to fix the world, to free their loved ones, should start with themselves. If you change yourself, you will change at least ten around you. If you have a big family, you’ll change the big family.

If you are spiritually engaged, if you aspire to the Highest, then at a certain level of consciousness you begin to understand that everything is absolutely right and perfectly harmonious. You may not like something, you may not like that someone is sick, you may not like unjust laws, but in terms of spiritual vision, the world is perfectly designed and sustained. There is a cause-and-effect relationship in the world, and this is the law of karma.

Starting with yourself, you create a powerful flow of vibrations, and your environment will initially resist, because people’s egos don’t accept it.

For example, when I started my spiritual practice, and removed meat, fish and eggs from my diet, my parents were seriously wondering what I had got myself into and what I was practising. Many times people laughed at something that I took very gravely. However, we shouldn’t stray away from our loved ones or stay indifferent to their lives.

If we want to help, we should start with ourselves, be fair-minded, have the power and pursue knowledge.

It’s our knowledge that will help us in the first place and then help others, too. You put on your own oxygen mask before you put one on the kid.

If your spouse doesn’t want to develop

If your other half is not interested in self-development, waves aside your spiritual growth and even judges you for this, adding stress to your relationship, it means they don’t understand how to practise spirituality.

You perfectly know that the world is a mirror. If your partner doesn’t accept certain things, it means that there is something within you that you don’t accept either. In the long run, everything is initially arranged so that you could obtain self-development skills. If you trust the processes, it means your spouse is accelerating your progress by not accepting your practice, because praise is damaging—you relax and become slow. When someone gives you a scolding, you practise much better.

Masters say, “If you want to do harm, praise a person, and scold them if you want to help.” What you need is love and patience. Where there is no love, there is non-acceptance. Where there is non-acceptance, two persons won’t live together in harmony.

Master Imram

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