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How to start the practice of Kriya yoga

Science of Kriya

3 May 2022

Kriya yoga is Cosmic Law.  When we say that we must do something, the first thing that appears is an idea – then the thought-form. A thought-form is an idea formalized into a thought, a thought that has taken shape. This means that when we have knowledge, which is immediately followed by a desire, or energy, crystallization happens.

Simply put, we have to acquire knowledge that may be expressed as Kriya yoga philosophy so that we can understand what it is. Before we begin our spiritual practice through techniques, we must understand what it is that we seek, we have to have an idea as to why we need it all.

If someone is at the mind level, and maybe a bit higher, where he has a lot of emotions and desires, he has not risen high, it is hard for him.  That’s why we must first understand who we are and where we came from, at least on the mental plane.

Kriya yoga practice begins when you study it on the mental plane, because you have to understand what you are doing.  It is science, and science demands that you approach it in earnest.

Kriya is scientific knowledge

I do not present Kriya yoga in the traditional way, as some other teachers do. I do not talk about the image of the deity Ganesha in the Muladhara chakra, as it is done in the Hindu traditions of teaching the Kriya yoga practice. I prefer the scientific approach, so that the people who do not live within the framework of Hinduism could understand the science of Kriya. They may be Buddhist, Jewish or Christian, or just the kind of people who do not know anything about esoterica, but merely want to practice and achieve Cosmic Consciousness – those are the people who have the advantage, because they do not have to “unlearn” anything.

I teach Kriya yoga through concepts that are close to scientific, because science goes deeper and higher, but we start with psychophysical transformation.  We have the brain, which is divided into parts, neural connections, we have the area of the medulla oblongata; there is a lot we study, and it is much easier, but it also works faster.

Master Imram

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