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Lecture “Power of thought and intention”
Recording October 27, 2020

How to learn to use the mind to fulfill your desires?

In this lecture, Master Imram describes in detail the principles of how the mind works.

  • What is a thought
  • How to form an intention correctly
  • How to learn to control your mind
  • How our thoughts affect us and the world around us

Master Imram will explain why spiritual practice and meditation allow you to gain control over your mind and learn to control your reality.

A unique lecture that will change the way you see the world.

Cost $30
"Kundalini awakening"
Recording November 8, 2020

Why to awaken Kundalini and how to do it safely?

These are questions that many practitioners ask themselves. Master Imram’s lecture will answer important questions about Kundalini energy:

  • Why Kundalini awakening requires a scientific approach
  • What are the energy channels and the mystical Sushumna channel
  • How to channel the energy of the Ida and Pingala channels into the central channel
  • How to fix consciousness at the Ajna-chakra level

The lecture includes three parts: Kundalini theory, practice with Master and Q&A session.

Cost $30
Lecture "There is no enlightenment"
Recording 13 August 2022

Does enlightenment even exist and what pitfalls can we expect to encounter on the path to realization?

Master Imram uncovers the complex issue of enlightenment, sharing key aspects with us.

What you will learn from the Lecture:

  • What is minor enlightenment
  • How the concept of time affects thinking
  • What the human body is made of
  • How the “I am” principle prevents us from knowing ourselves
  • What is personality and where do desires originate from
  • What is stopping you from entering into meditation
  • Why enlightenment does not exist

Duration of the lecture is 3 hours.

Cost $ 70
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