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The creativity of women and men


30 March 2023

It appears that there are gender disparities in creativity. Women tend to possess greater intuition and sensitivity. However, men who cultivate feminine qualities discover a deeper sense of harmony. Similarly, women who embrace masculine attributes find even greater balance.

Each of us has experienced multiple lifetimes in both male and female bodies. For highly evolved individuals, the distinction of being male or female becomes inconsequential. What gender does the soul have? The information that it has accumulated, the experience and this astonishing luggage that you have carried from life to life, are all expressed through creativity—and this is its only purpose.

Absolute creativity

It is often stated that the greatest musicians and artists are men. But perhaps we lack a genuine understanding of the term “artist.” Those who live modestly filling their canvas of life through their consciousness can as well be regarded as artists.

There are many famous yoginis, incarnated divine mothers. Why? Because they already reached this level. An intriguing book titled “The Great Female Yogis of Tibet” reveals the story of  Yeshe Tsogyal, who later embodied the essence of Green Tara. She represents the compassion of all the buddhas in a female form.

This represents the pinnacle of absolute creativity.

It’s possible that those who have attained such a state do not require a brush to paint or an instrument to play. The consciousness itself awakens the desire to create within individuals. In the presence of sublime phenomena one yearns to live, love and create. It becomes a field — an expansive flow of energy.

When the Buddha meditated, people who were many miles away from him would think as he did and act as he did. In his presence no tiger would attack a deer even if it was hungry, because in this state living beings are devoid of aggression.

Musicians of a very high level for whom melody, music, and the transcendent sound constitute life, come close to this sanctity. Their consciousness is so elevated that it perpetually resides in the upper chakras.

As an individual elevates their vibrations, transcends their ego, they progressively become more refined, lighter, and even more subtler, and transcendental powers that manifest through this person find expression in creativity.

Master Imram

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