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The spiritual journey of a woman and a man


19 May 2022

There is no difference between the spiritual path of a woman and a man, if that is we’re talking about the essence, because the soul has no gender. However, the bodily aspect must be taken into account, because the body is a bioenergetic system, it is a complex, divinely expressed Cosmic instrument. The male and female body, as a vessel for self-development and transformation should be considered; there is knowledge about it. When a person moves on to more serious internal processes, an individual approach is required. The workaround changes, although the basic principle remains the same. 

How a man and a woman help one another

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I can say that women can accomplish realization faster, ironically, despite the popular opinion that men achieve realization faster than women. And indeed, women can come to realization faster, provided that they develop awareness, because many lack awareness, i.e. the capacity for mental development. Meanwhile, men don’t possess the same degree of sensitivity as that of women, so they have to develop it. Therefore, when a man and a woman develop together, this is very good – they complement each other.

But it often happens that a man and a woman get caught up in the domestic side of things and that’s when disputes arise. Let’s say one person in a couple says to the other: you’re always practising, not doing anything, and we have debts to pay off. Things like that. We need to remind ourselves that this is just how the person shows they care – they don’t mean any harm. That’s life – you have to accept it as it is.


There should be no debts – neither in spiritual practice nor in social life, in a material sense.

If a person talks about cosmic levels, but cannot solve some social issue or establish relationships with loved ones, then he must settle his problems first. Then everything else will catch up.

When we say the word “volition”, an image of a strong mighty man comes to the foreground. But in fact, a woman has more will than a man, because throughout her life the woman creates much more and experiences more stress than a man, both domestically and in her self-development. A woman can easily balance all this if a man helps her.

The male and the female principles

Living in this world, we must possess a quality that allows a man and a woman develop side by side one another. Potentially, you have this quality, so you get married, but it’s also an internal process. This is a state where we combine the male and female divine principle, we combine these two energies as a powerful creative impulse – then the will awakens in both man and woman.

If a woman develops alone, or the karmic part of life in a couple is over for her, she has the opportunity to have a direct connection with the Creator, that is, figuratively speaking, to get married to God – here’s where it gets interesting. A man who becomes a monk, awakens qualities in himself through practice, comprehends the aspect of the feminine divine principle through a powerful flow of energy. This is the state of Shiva-Shakti. Shakti is the Cosmic energy that created the world, and Shiva is the one who expressed himself through this energy. It is a consolidated force within, when a person reaches the level of non-dual perception. Our goal is to understand how to embark on this path correctly.

Master Imram

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