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Ekaterina – I don’t ask myself questions anymore – now I just listen to myself

Retreat reviews

12 January 2024

How Kriya practice impacts everyday life and change everything: relationships with children and parents, inner state, health, work success? We heard about these incredible transformations in the most important aspects of life from retreat participant Ekaterina from St. Petersburg.

As a mother of four children, a manager and a psychotherapist, she shared her grand plans and simple female dreams. A year after the initial interview, Ekaterina shared the abilities she acquired while practicing the Kriya method.

«I am a specialist studying neuropsychology, neurophysiology, and behavioral biology. I understand the scientific basis of the Kriya method. Everyone should practise it. Especially if you want to find common ground with your kids, mutual understanding with your husband. Restoring a warm trusting relationship with dad, with mom, your financial growth. Naturally, the point of this practice is being healthy, and when you are healthy, you can accomplish everything that you’re planning…

My highest goal is to be in harmony, light joy, acceptance, peace. To me, that’s happiness. The stages of the path to that happiness, what I need to be happy is probably the relationship in the family with my children. My next stage is meeting the man I love and getting married and then to share my experiences, I’m already ashamed of not sharing. I don’t ask myself questions anymore – now I just listen to myself.»

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Helping the сhild find their life purpose


15 February 2024

Everyone has an inherent right to express themselves throughout their lifelong journey in ways that resonate with them. People often discover their passions in childhood aspiring to become musicians or poets, mechanics or technicians.

When a child dreams of travelling to space, it means their Soul is drawn to the stars—their home which they once inhabited. Dreaming of captivating experiences or of becoming something specific signifies that the child’s Soul is nurturing their innate abilities, but over time, they may forget about their dreams, including due to external influences. This is why we practise yoga that reminds us of who we really are.

Ways to Help the Child

DSC_7079 _2

Only those leading their children by setting a very high example can help them avoid mistakes. Children don’t really need parenting that “inflicts good” on them, as they tend to say nowadays. It is vital to set up an environment that would help the child awaken their innate abilities.

Start by observing the child: try to understand who has come into your life, who this child really is, how they see their future life, and what their innate traits are. Don’t rush into parenting before you become a role model for your child. Instead, observe your child to find inspiration for self-improvement: children often reveal what we should strive to embody.

There is a time-worn phrase “this is how our ancestors lived”. But we don’t know how our forefathers actually lived and who they were. You know how your grandparents lived, but being aware of their lifestyle is insufficient because they lived the way you do now, and you live the way they did. Combined, qualities of these individuals form a potent source of power. That’s why various techniques of ancestral healing have emerged to help people stay connected with their roots and remember their ancestors. This is the right thing to do. A family, in all its generations, embodies an aspect of God. Every one of us is a manifestation of the Divine. Why don’t we unlock this potential? Because our attachments create barriers. Why don’t we help our children unlock this potential? Because it’s the path of least resistance.

When people ask me, “When will I attain samadhi?” I reply with a question, “When will you let go of your attachments?”. You will attain samadhi when you can completely free yourself from the flow of thoughts and your emotional attachment to thought patterns. It’s at this point that samadhi becomes achievable. The formula is simple.

Children often experience samadhi. As a child, I used to be so absorbed in my homework that I didn’t hear my parents calling me. I didn’t hear anyone because I was fascinated by what I was doing, enjoying every moment of it. Now I understand that it was a state where my consciousness was completely focused on the subject I was studying,–this is an aspect of samadhi. Upon spotting its prey, a cat becomes completely engrossed in its observation, oblivious to any other sights or sounds. This is an aspect of samadhi. But the cat, being unaware of this state, can’t attain self-realisation.

If we don’t know how to navigate this path, it will be challenging for us to discover the meaning of life and who we really are. Therefore, knowledge—the true knowledge—is our primary path to liberation. I recommend that everyone read books written by realised Masters and engage with Masters and people who can share their personal experiences of navigating this path. Don’t waste precious time on shallow exchanges with those who lack knowledge about it.

Our Life Purpose

Should a person invest effort in seeking their life purpose? They should embark on a journey of self-discovery, and when they uncover their true nature, they will find whatever they seek. This is the universum.

Upon gaining awareness of your true nature, you will come to realise that there is no life purpose because you already have all you need.

But if we were to pursue a life purpose nonetheless, our goal would be striving for Love. True love giving us the feeling of joy that goes beyond the commonly held perception of joy and other positive emotions.. It makes us feel the power that transcends the conventional understanding of power. Sat-Chit-Anandam is the only purpose in life. Those who experience it can be in the world, but not of the world.

Everyone should strive to spiritualise material nature. Those capable of it contribute to making this world better. While in today’s world it may sound like utopia, it’s important to remember that our DNA, our cells, the entire Solar System that is also just a small cell of the global system,—everything is designed for further development.

People are gods who have come into this life in human bodies. What is the point for a human to live with the consciousness of an animal?

Master Imram

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