Lesson 2. Breathing and chakra meditation


8 June 2022

🕉 The Kriya Method is a universal physical, scientific, and spiritual method of developing the body, mind, and consciousness.

  • Beginners and advanced practitioners alike can benefit from the Kriya technique.
  • Everyone, regardless of age or physical fitness, can practice Kriya.

The science of Kriya is a tool that allows a person to accelerate his evolution. In Kriya, we energise each and every cell and reawaken neurons and parts of the brain.

10 minutes of Kriya practice is equivalent to 20 years of natural human evolution

Kriya techniques are easy to perform and do not require special training. You only need twenty minutes of free time to get started.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Correct Body Posture
  • A way of breathing that improves health and prolongs life
  • Breathing rhythms as a source of vital energy
  • Scientific concentration techniques to awaken neurons and develop celebral hemispheres connections

The fundamentals of proper asana:

1. Sit in any comfortable position. This can be cross-legged, half-lotus, lotus pose, or other on the floor. If you find it difficult to sit with your legs crossed, you can sit on a chair, ottoman or soft pillow.
2. Relax all parts of your body.
3. Straighten your spine, raise your head, and relax your lower back; there should be no tension in your body.
4. Close your eyes and slightly lift your eyeballs upward – look across the centre of your forehead with your eyes closed. Don’t strain your eyes. Return your eyes to their regular posture as soon as you sense discomfort or fatigue. Return your gaze up as soon as you have rested.
5. Move your tongue back and up, pressing it against your upper palate.
6. You begin to feel every part of your body intensely, from your toes to your head.

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How to breathe properly


21 June 2022

We breathe in accord with our mental power, our unique spiritual energy. The breath aspect is preprogrammed in humans. In earlier times people breathed differently, but now our breath is very active.This is because we have a lot of poison, stress and tension accumulated in our bodies—many things we must get rid of.

When we breathe in and out, we release a certain amount of energy, through each breath we attract prana, the life force. Through breathing, we are freed from informational and physical slag. Those who breathe fast have a shorter life span.

How to breathe to live longer


Our task is to learn to slow our breath in order to breathe less than usual. On average, an ordinary person takes 20–25 breaths per minute, some people take 30 breaths. The breathing is shallow. An ordinary person takes roughly 21,600 breaths per day. It’s about upholding the Soham principle.‘So’ in Sanskrit means ‘that’, the Sublime, the source of life. ‘Ham’ means ‘I’. Basically, Soham principle is breathing in and out, it’s a mantra, and this is a very important aspect to understand.

A person under stress tends to breathe much faster. The faster we breathe, the shorter our life is, because every person is given a certain amount of breaths. Every breath cuts off the time of our existence, because ojas, the vital force that we have got from on high, runs out.

Here is an important point: we must prepare our body so that our breathing naturally stops being shallow and uncontrolled, without doing it forcefully. Actually, it can be shallow, but only if this process is under your control. The number of breaths per minute must be reduced to a minimum—this is possible. We must learn not to breathe or to breathe very slowly.

You can naturally take as few as 10–12 breaths per minute, and then reduce it even more, just to several breaths. It will become your natural state. You can get there in one to three years depending on how intense your practice is.

Pranayama is the acceptance of energy

Breathing is life. The ability to breathe was given to us from on high to absorb prana. Suspending the breath means that we have a lot of prana and don’t need to breathe. This is an aspect of pranayama manifested as complete acceptance of everything that is going on, of everything given to us from on high. At this moment we should either breathe more slowly or suspend the breath altogether.

When we do pranayamas—these are special methods of energy retention, a special level of consciousness—we do them through breathing. Pranayama is not an exercise where we breathe or we don’t. Pranayama is the regulation and acceptance of the energy quality. When you do a true pranayama, you stop breathing and attain the state of immortality, at least for a while.

When we breathe in, we receive prana. This prana contains special elements that form our bodies. If an ordinary person stops breathing they die because they don’t get enough energy, life force and elements needed to sustain life. When one does pranayamas, they structure their energy so that all their energy channels are open and they don’t need that many breaths. To achieve this, one must practise and master special methods.

Master Imram

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