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Structure of the Imram Kriya Seminar. Exploring the 6 stages of Kriya. Direct knowledge transfer

Science of Kriya

25 February 2023

Who finds yoga appealing and why? How does body energisation work and why do we need it?

Dear friends! We are glad to present you the documentary on the Imram Kriya Seminar. We tried to capture the special atmosphere that fills each Seminar in a short video. Join us to feel the inner light, the sincere joy and the continuous flow of love that unites all who come to receive the knowledge of Kriya. Participants will share their feelings and insights from the two days of the Seminar with us.

Master will talk about the special sacred Kriya techniques and the way they transform people. He will answer questions about the objectives of practice and Imram Kriya Seminar activities:

  • How does energisation transform us on the physical, astral and mental planes?
  • What techniques awaken intuition?
  • What is yoga mysticism?
  • What does proper breathing mean?
  • How does meditation on Breath and Sound work?
  • What is Meditation on light?
  • What is the Imram Kriya Seminar actually?

We invite all those who have attended the Imram Kriya Seminar to watch and remember what it was like. We also invite those who are considering the Seminar for inspiration and answers.

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Dietary guidelines


17 August 2023

Ideally, you should eat once every few days. However, we are used to having breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus brunch and other snacks. Let’s remember how our ancestors lived. They would have a snack in the morning and go to work. They would have dinner when the sun was at three o’clock, metaphorically speaking. If they had food, they ate it. They hardly had anything to eat in the evening.

How to deal with food cravings

It would be right if you ate when you were really hungry, not when the stomach wall programme or the appetite that comes as a thought demands it. Let us say you had a meal two or three hours ago. You’re walking down the street and you notice a pleasant smell. You immediately develop an attachment and a feeling of wanting to eat something. You can’t get rid of that thought.

I used to have this feeling, too. I tried to deal with it by curling my tongue back. That’s an element of khechari mudra. When you hold your tongue back consciously and concentrate on the feeling “I am energy, I am a Divine Cave”, all these thoughts dissolve. They no longer have power.

Hunger is not a state where you are consciously starving and endogenous nutrition kicks in. It is a state of being hungry, which comes most likely four to six hours later. If you find it difficult to start eating like this right away, you can eat two or three small meals a day. Do not stuff your stomach, otherwise the food will not be digested and will stay there longer, making it harder to get rid of the hoop that appears around the waist.

What it means to eat properly

You should eat righteously: eat as little as possible and exercise more physical activity. Then you will be able to burn off the excess. If you do pranayama, it’s actually even better, because pranayama burns everything. It burns out all the waste matter and eliminates it from the body. However, don’t use pranayama just to cleanse yourself. It is meant for high realisations. 

I eat as follows: if there is food, I eat once a day. I only consume vegetarian food like fruits and vegetables. The rest of the time I drink water, sometimes herbal tea.

Here’s a tip: if possible, eat two meals a day and don’t overeat. It’s best to take six hours between meals, then you’ll have time to work it all off. This is also the time needed to keep the bile from stagnating when hunger strikes. If you feel as though you’re hungry and would like to eat, wait another hour. If the feeling remains, then it’s definitely okay to eat.

Master Imram

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