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There is no Enlightment

“The majority of people aim for enlightenment because someone said that’s the ultimate goal. However, consciousness is so voluminous, it would be limiting to confine oneself to the idea of enlightenment. You may talk about it endlessly, but but being in it – means not talking about it anymore.”

Master Imram


Lectures by Imram

Master’s lecture is more than just a transmission of information. A meeting with Master involves the transfer of knowledge, experience and inspirational power.

Each meeting brings important insights and impulses for action. We are reminded of what’s important; we learn to bring knowledge we are given to grow into our everyday life. The sensations we take away after meetings with Master change us and energize us.

You will be able to ask Master your questions.

About Imram

Imram is a one-of-a-kind man who combines the qualities of a Yogi Master, a musician, a composer, and a Mystic who alters reality.

  • For over 20 years he has been passing on the knowledge of Kriya Yoga, traveling around the world and bringing people from different countries together. He shares his personal experience and unique self-development techniques at Seminars, Retreats and lectures, to which participants of all ages and families with children come.
  • He inspires with his experience and wise instructions in live meetings and online webinars, helping thousands of people to understand the purpose of life, to find joy and harmony.
  • As a result of many years of spiritual and bodily practices, with the help of the High Gurus, Imram achieved self-realisation, thath is, Unity with the Higher Self, knowing the Truth within himself, which is regarded as Nirvikalpa Samadhi in yoga.
  • Master Imram demonstrates how to develop successfully by combining family life and practice, serving in the world, through the example of his life.

Imram has thousands of disciples all over the world.

Date and format

August 13th at 7 p.m. Moscow time
2.5-hour lecture
Digital Business Hub
47 Pokrovka Street, Moscow
Ticket price - 3,000 rubles
Online participation - 2,000 rubles


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