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Healing power of music


10 December 2023

If a person is close to God, or God is close to a person, it shows that they love music. That’s the reason we love music – it’s our soul that resonates with the divine. If someone does not like music, that shows how far he is from the cosmic vibration, from the infinite power of Love. Such people are alienated from their souls, distant from themselves. These are coarse vibrations, raw consciousnesses.

But even the rawest consciousness is capable of simple forms of sound perception. And it sheds tears. Because music has the power to touch the most deep subtle structures of a human being. That’s why I make music.  

There are different levels of perception. When listening to music in bars and restaurants, people forget themselves. They become easy to manipulate – that’s no music.

For me, music is about images first and foremost. Any sounds I play on a synthesizer or a piano emerge in the form of color and light. When I choose a timbre, a vibrato, some interesting sound on the synthesizer, it all creates a form. If the idea which my music is going to become in the future is in tune with or reflected in these forms, I embrace that sound. When I touch a sound on the synthesizer, I see shapes and images, it gives birth to a whole composition, a film. So when I see the film, I can write a soundtrack. It’s the soundtrack to a film that hasn’t been shot yet. But if I write music, I transmit that soundtrack into the space outwards as an idea in the form of this musical composition.

In this case, people have the opportunity to figure out for themselves what they or the author can learn from that. I’ve noticed that very often the ideas appear to be similar.

I try to express what I feel. But unfortunately, there are no instruments that can fully convey my experience. Synthesizers and a live score allow you to deliver only half of what you actually can hear.

Music Heals


Music is directly connected to the soul of a human being and to the soul of the universe. Let us recall the sources of this boundless power – Bach, Beethoven, Mozart. A lot of modern composers are also advanced in this aspect.

Many people find Bach difficult to comprehend. The gravity of his works is great. You have to prepare yourself to listen to Bach. One day we went into the church to listen to organ music, and I was delighted to see the large number of people who come regularly to listen to the organ. These people live an inner, creative, very spiritual life, although outwardly they go about their ordinary business. Bach’s music was performed there, too. It is very transformative, because Bach took his organ preludes from the mental planes. These are highly spiritual worlds, these are highly spiritual levels of consciousness, which are quite challenging for many people. After all, human beings are used to simpler, more primitive things.

Such music is a kind of tuning fork. It’s an attunement. Scientists have already proved that sound and light, particularly light divided into multiple parts, change a person. They can heal.

Spiritual music


If we talk about our mantric project, we do arrangements for mantras, for bhajans. Keeping only the leitmotif, we change a lot – the arrangement transforms the song so much that it becomes a new composition. This is a project that allows people to get in touch with the spiritual realm, because mantras change consciousness on a cellular level – but only for the better.

Mantra is a healing power, a vibration, a sound. A sound that transformed into a word. At the beginning was the word. Today the word is prayer or mantra. “Man” is the mind, and “tra” is the defense. This is what protects the mind from becoming misled, from becoming a low-frequency consciousness, from becoming someone who is being used. So, the person who reads or listens to a mantra or a prayer, changes. Even if he does not realize it. If a person finds it difficult to listen to such music, it is a signal that their structures need purifying. And this music does the purifying. 

Master Imram

#musicforsoul #healingmusic #spiritualmusic #mantras #bhajans


3 months ago

Absolutely agree with every word

Имрам Крийя
3 months ago

Thank you for your feedback!

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