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28 December 2021

In my opinion, reading is a must because reading makes the brain live, work and develop. But what to read? Something that changes the mind.

Don’t waste your time with fiction. Especially since much of what you know has turned out to be fake, invented. If you choose a book, may it be a book that makes you more perfect, gives you insight, which is very important.

Speaking of my experience, I deliberately haven’t read books – I only read a few as a child. I knew I shouldn’t read them as I would be living through the mental experience of another person’s life, and I needed my own personal experience. And I was intent on what was called my own realisation, insofar as it was possible to do so.

Teaching books


There are so many books available today, but often they are milk-and-water. The Complete encyclopaedia of yoga, for example, is two and a half centimetres thick, yet there’s virtually nothing there.

That is why I advise everyone: read books written by realised Masters. Books are the second teacher. If you don’t have a teacher, a good book in the form of knowledge will create an element of energy that will bring you to meet the Master. This always happens.

For example, the books of Paramahansa Yogananda, Sathya Sai Baba possess certain vibrations due to the energy and information they contain. The person who reads these books becomes inspired. Read Yogananda’s books and you will understand how Kriya is different from all other systems and directions. Read Sri Aurobindo’s books.

Sri Yukteswar Giri, Yogananda’s Guru, wrote a splendid book, “The Sacred Science”.  This book is amazing in that firstly, it is the Master’s only book. Yukteswar was a Jnanavatar, the embodiment of wisdom, of knowledge. He wrote the book under Babaji’s guidance, at Babaji’s request. This book clearly explains what the Gospel is, what the statement of Jesus as Master is and what Kriya yoga is and how it works.


A lot of people were inspired by Marshall Govindan’s great literary work, “Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya yoga Tradition”. Many thanks to him for spending years of his life trying to get the material as right as possible. This is very hard to do.

One of Babaji’s disciples, Leonard Orr, who was devoted to this immortal Himalayan saint in several incarnations, wrote a good book, “Breaking the death habit”. He provides simple, very effective methods for transforming consciousness through fire, water and earth. The Siddhis left this knowledge.

There are so-called golden manuscripts where the sacred texts are written, and important information is conveyed; palm leaves, translated by very advanced yogis. The Sutras, the Lives of the Saints, some books of our contemporaries who write about the Masters, they change you. You should read books like this, it inspires you, it gives you knowledge. I advise you not to read books that are too sophisticated .Truth is conveyed in accessible, clear, simple words.

Books help, but are no substitute for practice

If you have time to practise, practise more. Books can help you understand your practice and inspire you. Of course, a book cannot convey the spiritual powers that a person receives during Kriya practice and when conversing with a Master. This is why group practices are especially valuable, as where five people are practising Kriya, Babaji is already present.

Master Imram

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