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Adopting children


17 December 2021

The question whether to adopt children is a very valid one. Should you adopt children? Is it the right thing to do?

A woman can’t have children for various reasons – they may be psychological as well as karmic. It means  some soul has no opportunity to incarnate through the body of this mother, but the woman wants it very much and feels that she must become a mother and fulfill the principle of motherhood.

How adoption happens

When a woman adopts a child from an orphanage, she absolutely does the right thing.  It is the right thing to do from the spiritual point of view, as well as from the ethical, moral point of view; it is a good thing to do as a human being. To begin with, as an adoptive parent, you help a child find their footing in life, you give them a new, spiritual life, with a chance to be a happier person, and not someone who was abandoned or abused.

However, the most fascinating thing is that often enough the very soul that was not able to come into this world through that mother’s body finds its way to her in another body, and joins that very family. This happens quite often. You think you are adopting a child, any child, but the soul that comes into your life turns out to be the one that was meant to be with you, and this is how you find it – isn’t it amazing! As they say, God works in mysterious ways.

How we can help children

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It is the right thing for people who already have kids of their own to adopt more children. There are families like that, and it is a wonderful endeavour. We honor and commend these parents. You should not worry that you will not be able to provide, because when a child comes into a family – no matter if they were born to you or adopted, all children are our children – you will also receive God’s grace. I believe that this is a true measure of a spiritual person. The more you bring happiness into the lives of others, the faster you elevate your own being.

If you are unable to adopt, you may still help children living in orphanages with money, clothing, and other things they need. The more attention we give children, the better.

And of course, it is small children under the age of two who especially need human contact, hugs, love and a mother’s loving touch. If you hold a child in your arms for as little as 10-15 minutes, you will still leave a great impact on the rest of his or her life. He will know that he is needed, that someone loves him. This feeling comes not only by touch, but is also transfered directly from heart to heart. In this case, the child will not grow up to be mean, with a grudge against the world, or even God, which is the worst outcome.

So I urge everyone, if you have such an opportunity, help children this way as well.

The most important thing

First and foremost: if you adopt children, make them feel that they are a part of your family, that they are not strangers, separated from everyone else, but they have real parents, a mother and a father, and real siblings. This is an extremely important goal and your top priority.

If you decided to adopt, it is better to adopt a baby. Indeed, children of all ages should be adopted, but I would like to point out that a child’s personality is formed before they are 6 or 7 years old, from the moment of conception and birth. Everything a child takes in during this time will shape their entire life. When children reach the age of 6-7, transforming their consciousness is more difficult, though still possible. It depends on you. You are responsible to bring out the best in them and help them reach a high level of awareness. You should approach this task creatively. To do it, you will need to study and improve yourself; remember that.

Master Imram

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