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Ascetics. Siddhas. Soul.


11 April 2021

You could consider anyone an ascetic. In fact, an ascetic is someone who works on his attachments, is in Sadhana, and restricts himself in the name of high realisation.

In the context of Spiritual practice, an ascetic is someone who is in constant Spiritual practice. He is engaged in transformation and self-realisation.

In today’s world, an ascetic could be called someone who really likes ice cream, but contain themselves.

Immortals — who are they?

Immortal Souls do exist. Immortal Souls manifested in immortal bodies also exist. There are a sufficient number of immortal Masters in this world whose bodies are in the state of a body of Light, meaning an undecayed body, but they are physically manifested. There are immortal Masters who are in a semi-subtle body or in a semi-dense body, there are physically manifested ones.

If we talk about the immortality of the Soul, then the Soul is originally immortal, that Soul which is self-aware. If we are talking about immortality of the physical body, there are a certain number of people who have achieved this. These are Siddhas, the superhumans. Those who attain a state of Unity and who bring this principle of Unity down to the level of the cell. Transformation into a body of Light is called “great alchemy”, “divyadekha”. Such people exist, I have met them and I am cooperating with them.

Who is easier to achieve realisation — a man or a woman?

The soul is initially ready for liberation. If it comes into a woman’s body, it is ready for liberation, if it comes into a man’s body, it is also ready for liberation. Any soul with sufficient spiritual potential today has the possibility of realisation through both female and male bodies. It all depends on the level of consciousness, level of evolution, and level of gained experience.

There are Souls who come and stay in female or male bodies for several incarnations in a row. And then ascend, remaining in a female body or a male body. They come again in a female or male body, having already been born twice. Like the Goddess Guanyin or Yeshe Tsogyal, who became part of Guanyin. Like Mary Magdalene or the Virgin Mary, they were in women’s bodies, but they are high Souls. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that this is possible.

In today’s world, it is considered easier for men to achieve realisation. I don’t really agree with that. A soul with both masculine and feminine qualities (if we say that it has lived many incarnations) can gather this experience and apply it. It all depends on the level of consciousness and evolution of the Soul.

How Kriya helps on the path of realisation.

Kriya practice, our Kriya technique, is an evolutionary method. This method allows at any stage, at any age of the Soul to achieve realisation — through any body. If there is a lack of masculine energy or feminine energy, it is always possible to compensate it through practice. It is a solitary path where the lack of some kind of energy is compensated for through practice.

But there is a reciprocal way — when both man and woman are together as allies, helping each other, rising very high, and aligning their energies. Helping to bring out what is missing: the man advances himself in the feminine aspect, and the woman advances herself in the masculine aspect. This way, they both help each other and there are even cases when they ascend together.

Master Imram

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