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Science of kriya

11 February 2021

The Eternal Unchanging Law of the Universe.

Since the beginning of the Universe, there has been the Eternal Unchanging Law of this Universe. It is called Sanatana Dharma in the Vedic concept. Since its appearance, it has been the personification of action. That’s the way the universe exists, lives and develops. That’s how evolution happens. That is Kriya…

Kriya originated simultaneously with the Law of Sanatana Dharma. And it is the expression of this law in action.

The body is the personification of the Cosmic Law

Our bodies personify the Cosmic Law, they result from it. The body reflects the entire microcosmic system in the macrocosm. There are planets, various planes and worlds in our bodies. All of this needs to be evolutionarily transformed. Such transformations are managed by our consciousness, high Consciousness or Higher Self. People call it the Creator, some Masters call it Cosmic Consciousness. But all this is Babaji’s Kriya.

Kriya is the highest stage of Raja Yoga

Babaji’s Kriya is a method, an evolutionary school that allows a person, having gathered all the knowledge and applying this system through the spectacle of Kriya transformation, to put this knowledge into effect — in a lifetime or in several years. This does not mean acquired knowledge, but that which was given from Above.

Kriya is the basis for all other systems and directions. Kriya is the apex of everything, the highest stage of Raja Yoga.

Mahavatar Babaji

The Science of Kriya is a method of rapid transformation

Mahavatar Babaji gave this technique precisely for the purpose of rapid transformation.  It is a direct and very approachable path. It is utterly different from what is now taught under the guise of yoga. When confused, people ask me: “Is it Atma-kriya or kriya in Raja Yoga, or some other kriya?”

No. This is Babaji’s Kriya, and it stands out from all other systems. There is a particularity in the practice itself, in the method of presentation, in the technique, in the perception of this teaching.

For reference, in Raja Yoga there are exercises in which you consider an issue at some level, and are forced to move to the next one. In Babaji’s Kriya, you perform an action at all planes. In addition to your Spiritual presence, you always operate at the mental, astral (emotional) and physical planes. This technique combines three worlds at once. This method develops high awareness of what you do in life. It contains laws that are already inside us, but have been forgotten. Therefore, Kriya, being a yoga of the High Path, allows a person to reminisce them, to learn to apply the laws of transformation of his consciousness correctly.

The right attitude to ourselves, to what we are not as persons, but as a manifested Cosmic consciousness — all these aspects combined comprise the right Teaching…

Master Imram

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