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Bad habits — how to get rid of them?


24 January 2023

Our brain is a machine that can be programmed, and we program it throughout our lives.

Often we do not consciously participate in this programming. This happens without our involvement, because we are in the system that runs the processes. It means that apart from what happens inside us, there is also an external influence that forms different habits in us. These include bad ones, which are difficult to get rid of and have to be broken through effort. It takes quite a while.

It is important to be aware.

Нейроны квадрат

Often we do not possess what we should possess —due to being reprogrammed, and in order to possess what we need, we have to recalibrate ourselves through effort.

But if you want to change your habits, to replace the old, unnecessary, unhelpful ones with new and useful ones, it is better to approach this consciously, scientifically. Then just seven days may be enough. It takes an average of twenty-one days, a maximum of forty, that’s the astral period.

Within forty days, a person can quit smoking once and for all. This is enough time to overwrite the programme. But it is important to be committed and mindful.

We often act or respond to events in the same way, unconsciously, without having any control over the situation. We also tend to blame ourselves for that. This also includes the reactions of the body. Why does it happen? Because a certain pattern has already been formed in the subconscious, and keeps getting triggered. The programme was recorded through your neural network. We allowed that to happen.

Bad habit or disease?

We can substitute one concept for another, but the real story is all about ignorance and addiction. It is an absence of spiritual manifestation.

There must be strength, aspiration, conviction, belief in this aspiration and a high goal. If a person does not have a higher goal or does not strive for it, their energy manifests itself through vicious actions.

If one relies only on external means to overcome bad habits, such as smoking or alcohol consumption, over time this attachment may reappear due to circumstances. A person who is able to look at a cigarette and not get cravings or be drawn to it is free and doesn’t have to fight with themselves.

The same can be said about self-development.

This knowledge is here, but you keep getting distracted.Usually, it is an external influence. A person is being manipulated through the mind, attachments, emotional reactions – these are the infernal forces at work.


How to replace bad habits with healthy ones

I suggest a very simple and effective way of dealing with habits or mind programmes.

Take a sheet of paper and divide it into two parts. On the left, write down what you want to be free of. On the right, write down what you want to have, who you see yourself as. For example, on one side you write down — “I am lazy”, on the other one — “I am strong-willed”. Once you’ve made your whole list, you cut off the left side and burn it, shifting your attention completely to the right side — to who you want yourself to be. And now you work through each of these items, repeatedly rereading and working through the list all at once or each item individually.

Little by little, old habits will leave you because you focus on the positive, on what you want to have, and through this you will achieve your destiny. Why? Because you have analysed it and approached it mindfully.

This technique can be used by those who do not know spiritual discipline, because if one is engaged in spiritual practice, then there is no need for this method. Sadhana itself — the spiritual practice — balances everything out.

Master Imram

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