Can Earth be a planet of happiness?


10 August 2022

Earth already is a planet of happiness. It all depends on what exactly you understand it to be.

Earth is not just about people. There are also many creatures that you cannot see. After all, there are mosquitoes on Earth that many people don’t like. But even such a small mosquito, which everyone would like to put to sleep for the night, at the very least, performs a great task for man. When a mosquito bites, it finds exactly the area that needs stimulation, it bites the spot which does not work energetically.

This is the wisdom of nature.

Happiness is right here

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Earth is happiness, because Earth is a divine creation with a purpose of our spiritual cultivation and the opportunity for ascension.

It was intentionally made for us so that we would consciously live the experience. Thus God expresses Himself over and over again through all of us, in each one of us, and in Earth too. If the mind separates the Spiritual Cosmos from the materially manifested, then Earth is the embodiment of the material cosmos, it is the Mother who is physically, naturally represented.

All this Creation – air, water, sun, sky – is gifted to us to be able to live in it, to enjoy it, and to be an expression of Divinity in this three-dimensional Space.

In the common understanding, a person strives for a spiritual state and wants to get away from material aspects when they decide to take the path. But time will pass and people will start to realise that the spiritual is materially manifested and everything is the same spiritual matter, there is no gradation.

If people were wiser, then the mental plane would be used correctly and our lives would be much more beautiful. If we are talking about seeking beauty, then this aspiration is an opportunity to express it and to do something important in life.

In my perception, absolutely everything is just the same happiness, because everything that happens to people happens for the purpose of their ascension. When I say “ascension”, it’s not about leaving some place and getting into another one.

Ascension is the transformation itself, it is a profound self-recognition of oneself and of oneself within God, in total Unity. Ascension is a profound transformation of the Soul and Spirit within the body.

What Spirit does in the body, what Spirit does in our three-dimensional Space, how it expresses itself as a Soul, how it begins to sense change, how Soul begins to evolve and become self-aware of itself within the Spirit — this is what happiness is.

That happiness is right here in this three-dimensional Space, and it’s very much pronounced. People don’t see it because their minds have already created some concept of happiness that they are striving for.

And in fact it is right here.

How to make the world a brighter place?

If you want to make the world a brighter place, you have to start seeing the Light.

If a person dislikes the world, it means that they have submerged themselves in this “dislike” state, it exists in them.

Change yourself on the inside first — and then the world will change.

You have to learn to look beyond judgement, because from the moment the “good-not good” judgement begins, at that precise moment both the bad and the good appear — something you like and something you don’t.

There are no unattractive people, no unattractive animals, no unattractive flowers, just something the mind likes better, but it’s all the same creation — and it’s perfect, amazing and harmonious.

This world is infinitely vivid, beautiful and sublime. It’s God’s creation, isn’t it?

Master Imram

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