Creative energies


30 August 2021

Every child, when born into this world, has a creative power because it has certain talents that we often, as people say, bury. We bury them because we don’t develop these qualities in ourselves. However, they still exist.

Kriya Yoga can quickly awaken the creative side of a person.

Every child is born gifted, but not all children can keep their talents and multiply them.That’s why, when practising, people discover that they have certain qualities and abilities.Some may start to compose music or write beautiful poetry and so on. It suggests that something that we have got from on high begins to awake.

Drivers of self-expression

Any child who comes into this world loves to sing. It may seem that the child has no talent for it because listeners tend to compare the singing with what they have heard before. But the child sings, that is, has a desire to sing. Children also have a desire to draw and manifest themselves in other aspects of art.

The most important thing here is beauty—the way they walk and talk, look around and move. If a person draws, what do they draw? If they sing, what do they sing about? What type of music do they compose?

Different energy centres can be involved.
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If a person, for example, likes and wants to dance, it suggests that their consciousness is in one of three chakras—swadhishthana, manipura or muladhara. That particular aspect is revealed there and they want to dance—here they work with the body.In this way, during the dance, channels of the astral aspect are released and the person recharges their centres.

Some people see colours, draw, which means that vishudha chakra is active. Others write poems about love, life or compassion—and it’s the heart centre that is active.

I am not trying to say that one who has an active muladhara chakra is a low-level person. I mean that at every stage a person awakens certain centres that are connected to different human bodies. If one needs to dance to open these energy channels, to activate these patterns—it has to be done.

There will come a moment when dancing will no longer be necessary for the person. They will feel like singing or playing an instrument—it will depend on their chakras, on their current level of consciousness.

It never happens that only one chakra is functioning and others are dormant, but at any point of time one centre will be dominant.

If someone likes wind instruments, they have an established connection with the second centre, because wind instruments resonate with swadhishthana chakra. Drums resonate with the first chakra—muladhara. Violin resonates with the heart and throat centres and so on.

Here it isn’t a matter of “good” or “bad.” Those who manifest themselves in art in this or that way will always have a connection with their creative potential to one degree or another.

As soon as people’s consciousness changes, art will change as well.

People who create something and lay it open in the public eye are responsible for how it affects the consciousness of others.

Contemporary art has nothing to do with what really is the foundation of human spirituality.

The concept of freedom of expression is being programmed into the human mind.  This freedom of expression is generally based on our ego and our mind. People’s minds are poisoned now. That’s why all spiritual practitioners and Masters say that it’s important to cure our minds and cleanse them from filthiness, alter our attitudes, separate the wheat from the chaff.

All aspects of art are now under immense pressure that belittles people’s frequency characteristics or spiritual vibrations. Sexuality is promoted in every sphere of our life, and people begin to perceive it as a very important aspect.

No one needs it. It turns a human being into an animal, and if a person needs to rise, they have to raise their centres, awaken their qualities and boost their frequency characteristics. In other words, they must enter a spiritual dimension and strive for the light.

Then music and cinema will also change.

Whatever the cinema has to offer now is always about violence. It’s not necessarily screen violence, but, first of all, it’s violence against you. Everything is recorded in our subconscious, and we have to live with it and follow this flow of energy. I make no generalisations. I don’t want to say that everything is bad. There are independent, spiritually-minded film-makers; there are TV genres that can charge us with positive energy.

If you alter your attitude toward yourself and your life through spiritual practices, you won’t want to watch movies of this kind, you won’t want to eat meat of a murdered animal or do many things that conflict with your Spirit, your path of life and laws of God.

Master Imram

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