Imram Kriya 4 weeks ago

Seminar in Spain in October! Friends, we have great news! The exact date of the Seminar in Spain has been determined.

Seminar in Marbella will be held on October 22-23. Location: Hotel Don Pepe Gran Melia Marbella, Street José Meliá, Marbella, Spain.

Registration for the Seminar in Spain is open on the website If you have any questions about the organization, please call our care department at +7 (495) 797-45-76 or email to [email protected]

Who is the seminar in Spain for?

  • For those who find it convenient to attend the Seminar in Europe
  • For those who want to combine learning of Kriya with a vacation by the sea

The Seminar in Marbella will be held in Russian language with simultaneous translation into English.

We are happy to invite you with the whole family, including children! Marbella is a sunny resort on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. You will be able to relax, visit interesting tours – there are many attractions around this place.

To register for the Seminar in Spain LINK

Adios and see you in Marbella! 


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