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Imram Kriya 1 year ago

How to master Kriya practices at home? Friends, we are happy to announce a BASIC COURSE OF KRIYA MEDITATION.

In case you don’t have the opportunity to attend an Imram Kriya seminar or retreat at the moment, or if you would like to receive additional Kriya techniques, the Basic Course can help you.

This is a self-contained system of techniques that you can practice for many months or even years before your initiation into the 6 stages of Kriya at the seminar. Those who have already received initiation will receive new knowledge.

The course is useful for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. There are various levels of difficulty and the workload increases as you progress.

✨ The course consists of three practical sessions of 2 hours each and a webinar with answers to participant’s questions. You will learn under Master’s guidance:

• Basic techniques of meditation, energisation and magnetisation of bodies
• Advanced techniques
• Progressive technique
• Techniques of scientific concentration and relaxation

A total of 18 Kriya techniques are included in the course. Among them are breathing techniques that, with regular practice, allow you to take control of the life force prana.

Master provides a theoretical explanation in each lesson, and then you practice together with Master. Techniques can be practiced separately and incorporated into your practice as an additional tool for advancement.


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