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Imram Kriya 3 months ago

Beginning of Imram’s creative path. Part 2. Of course, I didn’t want to learn the music score. I was offered a musical piece. At first, the teacher would say, “Come on, let’s do a research. I’ll play it to you. If you like it, you’ll learn it.” She plays, I memorise by ear. And then I pick it, play by ear, pretending I was using sheet music. This is how I studied for several years. I passed my exams succesfully. Then I got pegged. How did it happen? I recall I was taking another exam. My teacher and several others were sitting in the room. It was quite serious. It was qualifying exam for passing to the fourth grade of piano class. May be even the fifth, I don’t actually remember. So I played about half of the prelude. It was rather difficult. I was interrupted. Someone came, someone was called somewhere. Then they come back and said, “Well, go on.” So I continued from some moment as I understood it. They said: “No, not from there, continue from here.” I didn’t know how to continue from that point, because I didn’t really know how to read sheet music. This is where they got their cognitive dissonance. They were just deadlocked. How is it possible? I have been studying for several years, playing difficult pieces… They don’t understand what it means to play by ear. Because they play everything by the notes.


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