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Concert by Imram and Mariam in Pyatigorsk! Dear friends! The long-awaited and always joyful event – Imram’s live concert! We will meet as early as July 23 in Pyatigorsk.

The world is changing, forms are shifting, but spiritual values, as the foundation of life, are constant!

Bhajans are spiritual chants that glorify the deeds of the Supreme and give a sense of joy and flying, opening hearts …

Free improvisation, telling about the inner world with its boundless palette of colors, experiences….

All of this at Imram and Mariam’s “Whisper of the Heart” concert. We are waiting for you on July 23 at 7:00 p.m. Moscow time

Anyone who has been to Imram’s concerts or watched it online will confirm – it’s always unique. Magical sounds of ancient lyrics, beautiful voices and cosmic sounds immerse us in a special state.

Mariam – talented musician, composer and singer with an incredibly soulful voice, will also perform at the concert.

So come and dive into the music that awakens the Heart! It will be unforgettable!


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