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Imram Kriya 11 months ago

HOW TO CHANGE ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOURSELF AND YOUR APPEARANCE? “If we use a mirror properly, we look there and say, “What a beauty!”, and then we laugh at ourselves. You laugh and say, “What a beauty!” Your subconscious mind says, “Beauty.” You can say, “I’m so beautiful, it’s just impossible.” Your subconscious mind says, “Beautiful. Possible.” I give you an example to make you understand. It all works. It really works. Affirmations. When you look in the mirror, you have to love yourself. Or love the reflection at least. Love what you see in the mirror.”

Master Imram


#саморазвитие #любовьксебе #психология #аффирмации #душа #имрамкрийя #крийяйога


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